Wednesday, December 30

42 of 52 weeks

Here I am cooking up some black beans for my Lizard. I snagged the last bag of black eyed peas at the Super and they are waiting to be made on New Years day. Hey I do follow a few traditions, now and then. Things are moving slowly around here like molasses.

Tuesday, December 22

41 of 52 weeks

Snow! I am loving it especially the blue shadows. I think the combination of a clear blue Winter sky and blue shadows on snow reminds me of growing up in MI. Walking down to the ponds in the park in our ice skates as the bright sun cast long blue shapes across the frozen ground. Dodging the clusters of weeds that poke through the ice. Waddling home in our skates, feet frozen snow crusted on our scarves. 'Don't get any snow on the Kitchen floor!"..., crawling across the linoleum to the nearest heat duct--pins and needles, our feet sting through the pain of thawing out. Hot coco with little marshmallows tops off our cold Winter day.

Here are some photos of our Richmond Winter so far.

Onward through the snow....

Wednesday, December 16

Almost 100%

I have been sick for almost 2 months. Mostly it has been a really bad ear ache. I really don't want to talk about it. I want to go forward. I limped through Thanksgiving and have been too out of it to even think about Christmas stuff. I finally broke down and got myself a Netti pot. It is really great and I feel better already!

In other healthy-product good news--I hate to admit, I found a great alternative to nasty products used to get old wallpaper down (I did manage to work on the bathroom wall paper while sick, the thought of pretty new tile is a great motivator!). I first tried the chemical stuff and it worked pretty darn good. When the bottle ran out I switched to my trusty Dr. Bronners Peppermint Oil Soap deluded in a spray bottle. I found it worked even better and it left a nice minty scent in the crusty ol bathroom.

For now I am taking it slow hoping to feel 100% real soon. I think maybe I needed a break way back in March after my art show. I was determined to push forward without a break. Well here it is: Uncle! I said it, I give in! Not doing, not moving, not making huge or even baby steps just kills me...but I have. So I will say it, onward....all lower case in a hushed whisper...onward. Unless I start feeling bad then it is life back on hold--mad respect body, mad respect mind...but please can we start moving again...onward?

Thursday, November 19

One week ago...

A week ago today I woke up and realized our power was out. I saw Truman on her perch with no heat lamp or lights and rushed to warm her. She was cold as ice. It is funny how automatically while trying to comfort and warm her I bounced up and down gently and spoke in warm tones. As if she cared, as if she wanted more than my heat. As she got warmer she released her grip and rested her head in the crook of my neck. We both got what we needed.

Luckily we have a gas fireplace, so we had some heat. I set Truman up on a blanket in front of the fire. She stayed there or in my arms until the power came back a day later.

I gathered all my candles and kept them going not only for light but for the impression of warmth. As crises go this one was pretty easy. We got take-out and Mr. Eleven even went to the movies (He saw Paranormal Activity, as you can see by some of the photos he took,later). We even picked up a hot water bottle for the lizard, that has since become her best friend--she loves it!

Mr.Eleven was lost without his computer and TV remote. I am used to being alone with my work--living in my head. It is my job, so I was content. He was restless. This prompted some creative activities. He played his guitar for us, by candle light, Frankenstein, Truman and I lay by the fire with eyes shut listening-drifting. Later he got the camera out and played around with the settings and got some pretty cool photos, check them out here.

One week ago we spent a day and a half in a strange isolation. Not all of our neighbors lost their power. We saw one neighbor late at night siting in front of his garage drinking a beer, facing his car bathed in it's glaring head lights. Still another fled in a glory of generator light and hubbub, to a Hotel. As I stood by the window bopping up and down cooing to my green friend, I found comfort in my own drama.

and so it goes--


Tuesday, November 10

36 of 52 weeks

I am feeling like I am part of a mystery story today. Trying to navigate the hall of mirrors that surrounds my studio. When I feel close to getting back in, I find I am even further away. The Chair Affair auction is this weekend. I think once that is over I will have a clear space that may led back 'in'. I did start some little sculptures this weekend, but in a passive way. I had a few paintings in this past First Friday show at the Schindler Gallery, but the paintings have already been up for a month so I felt detached from them. Nothing wrong with that, it was a social event not an art theses I was presenting this time around.

I have started collecting images and info:
-vintage insect art
-cool bee biology

-bee myths
-more bee myth and info
-a honeycomb vase
-bee symbolism
-a word from Albert Einstein on bees
-more bee mythology
-beeswax Collage
-beeswax art
-and this guy!--amazing face painting art, don't miss this!

The mystery is here, in the struggle, in the research, in the prep and in the obligations. We all experience it every day in our lives-seeking joy between cleaning the dirty laundry and raking leaves. I admire the bees, still aggressively collecting from the remaining flowers in November.
In fact I got stung multiple times last weekend, when I ran over the bee hole (entrance to their under ground hive) with our leaf blower, yow!--they got me good! I want to make art like a bee works, with unadulterated focus. I want to sting anyone or thing who keeps me from my work! But then I would have no life and no friends or in the end no reason to work. The mystery is as always how to find balance and thrive. Maybe there is no balance and there will always be a hall of mirrors surrounding my ultimate goal. Maybe I am doing what I am supposes to, taking baby steps with my eyes and senses wide open--searching for the next big flower--like a bee.

Friday, November 6

Happy Frankenstein Friday!

Happy Friday, sometimes it seems forever between Friday's.

First Friday tonight--be there!
--also check out the previous post for the Chair Affair info, reception starts at 6, tonight.

We love the Fall!

Tuesday, November 3

35/52 52 weeks

Yes that is me! It was fun being Mr.Eleven for Halloween. But scary too, every so often I would catch my reflection and think it was Kevin--that's a weird feeling. We don't usually dress up for Halloween but this year was so much fun we may have to make it a tradition.

I helped out at the Gallery on Monday, getting ready for another awesome First Friday opening. There is some really nice paintings by Chris Milk that I will share with you after the opening--joyful,fun and poetic paints (he calls them paints). I have a few paintings in the show left over from the last show--Tracey representing.

Also, this Friday The Chair affair is having a little preview of the Chairs and an opening reception but I can't seem to find the info for the event--I will before Friday. They only list the Auction info here

The sun is out and I have leaves to pick up!
OH and VOTE!--it's good for you!

update: The artists reception for the Chair Affair is at VCU Commons, VA rooms A,B and C.
Friday, November 6, 6-9pm

Friday, October 30

Frankenstein Friday

Mr.Frankenstein wore his glow in the dark skeleton tee shirt for our Halloween morning walk. It was super cute. But he isn't much into wearing stuff, so I didn't make him wear it for a photo shoot.

What he dose like is observing, watching the birds, looking for chipmunks and monitoring the street traffic. He recently discovered he can jump up on the table by the window and get a birds-eye-view of the street below. The best part is the table is by the bed so he can take naps and keep an eye on things at the same time. It is hard job but a Chug's got to do it!

Happy Halloween folks!

Tuesday, October 27

34/52 52 weeks

I was going for a mean face and technically I didn't take this photo, Mr.Eleven did. But none the less, it is my entry for week 34 of my 52 week self portrait project. We had just finished a huge breakfast at some local joint. I ordered eggs Benedict but what I got was 'smothered and covered' Benedict! I swear there was enough Hollandaise sauce for a freakin army on my plate!--but I ate it. I ate it and was super-charged for our big day of antiquing. I found an awesome Phrenology Head I have been wanting one for years. It was thrilling to finally find one and take it home with me (You can see the top of it on my desk).

The other big find of the day was a chair for my new desk. Mr.Eleven found this cool blog before we left the house. I emailed the guy (Bart) about the office chair he had posted. He called me back after we had, hit a few Antique shops. He was just a few miles away and the Herman Miller Task Chair was in good shape and I could come check it out!--Yay!

It isn't the fanciest of Herman Miller furniture, but it is classic design and the colors are 'my colors' I sat on it and was in love! I like the fact that it has the Herman Miller name and logo stamped on the bottom of the seat--it makes me feel connected to greatness.

Here I sit, at my desk in my new chair (it has fantastic lumbar support I might add), the Phrenology head to my right. My office is starting to come together and as it does, it inspires me. Each new addition relates to the last. The color of the green stripe on my seat is the color I am going to paint the wall by my desk. It is also the color of my new coffee cup...

When I paint, this is how I work, I build on things I am attracted to...and so it goes, one baby step at a time...


Friday, October 23

Frankenstein Friday

Today is Frankenstein's birthday observed. We know he was an October puppy so I have been celebrating his birthday the first Friday after my birthday each year. It is also Mr.Eleven and I's anniversary, Observed also, because we met a few days after my birthday. Here they are my boys just waking from a mid day nap. Eleven years with Mr.Eleven and Three years with wee little Frankenstein, cheers, happy family!


Wednesday, October 21

from home to home, I am back

Going to NY for my birthday was a good idea. In fact it was the best birthday I can remember, (it gets difficult at my age)! I haven't felt so relaxed in a long time. It's funny what brings comfort; the sound of the radiator hissing, the gentle rumble of your building shaking as big trucks barrel down the street below or of perfect timing, when the train pulls up just as you reach the subway platform. Some folks seek peace with a trip to the beach, I find it in the power of hitting your stride, truckin down a city street!

I stayed with my friend Judy. Her apt. is one of my favorite place to be. The colors are warm, ceilings high, and she has lots of wonderful things all around to look at. There is Spyro her man, who makes me happy and a fine cup of coffee too. Inky the oil stain kitty, who Judy rescued from a dirty city lot. Mable the sweet cat, who is the master of cozy. But mostly there is Judy, me-loves-me some Judy!

When I lived in NY I walked dogs. I walked dogs all over the city. So each place we went, reminded me of Detour, Humbert, Beaker, Russel, Ira...(the list goes on). So one of the musts on my trip was to walk the High Line. I watched it being built as I walked dogs in the Meatpacking Distinct for years. It was an abandoned strip of elevated train track, that has been converted into an elevated park or promenade with gardens, seating and even an outdoor coffee shop. The views from the High Line are great on all sides. On one side is a panoramic view of the Hudson River and the other is a birds eye view of city streets, at one point there is bleacher seating a sort of viewing spot that overlooks a street--really fantastic!

At the end of the High Line you descend into Chelsae's Art District and lucky for me, I had a show I wanted to see there. My friend Christopher's show, 'Some Species of Song". It was such a treat to see this new body of work by my friend. The building his show was in also houses galleries on each floor, so we hit each one. We looked and were moved till we were dizzy!

I made a decision to keep my friend meetings as strictly organic. That means I didn't make plans, apart from our ladies night dinner, with Heather, Hillary and Judy (hearts to the ladies for a great night out!)to see anyone. I think this made the visit exceptionally wonderful and peaceful. The funny thing about it is I feel like I saw everyone. Even those who no longer live there. It is some sort of memory-energy connection.

The food was so good, so incredibly good! The art was good so incredibly good! Being there, breathing the air, smelling the city--it all replenished this old girl! It was the best birthday ever! Thanks again to Judy the best host and friend ever!

Above is a photo of my NY loot. A candy bar made in my old neighborhood, thanks Heather, it was delicious! The crazy-cool wallet from Joe, I love it, thanks! The Heart, from Judy, of course! The postcard for Christopher's show. Earrings I got for myself and a cute little wallet for Mr. Eleven.

You can check out my trip photos here.

I went home for my Birthday, but I also came home afterwords. I think I finally figured out that things don't have to be one or the other, sometimes both is just right. I love NY. I also love my new home, RVA.

Onward Friends!

Tuesday, October 13

52 weeks 32/52

Me and my lizard in our room. Today's self portrait features my friend Truman. I have added things to the room to keep Truman happy, such as the little cards of Tim Harriss paintings, hung lovingly over her bed. I have crystals that catch the light so each day starts with rainbows. I have a bunch of paint samples all green's on my desk. I plan on adding green to the room soon. Truman is a fantastic room-mate, so I want to make her happy. Hopefully we can get some green in this space before Winter.


Friday, October 9

Frankenstein Friday

Frankenstein had a long awaited play-date with his girl-friend Daisy yesterday. Some neighbor kids came by for a visit too, so it was a super-duper-fantastic playtime! Needless to say little Frankenstein was all tuckered out by time we came home.
I posted a few more photos of the fun here, and one of him trying to get me to play just before we went to June's house.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Tuesday, October 6

31/52 weeks

I had a dentist appointment this morning, hence the dental floss. The post card is for Jennifer Holloway Bopst's up coming art show at the Eric Schindler Gallery. The address book/day planner informs me that on the 16th the night of her opening I will be in NYC. The 18th is my birthday and also Frankenstein's Birthday (Observed) and two days after that is the anniversary of Mr.Eleven and I meeting for the first time. I love my desk.

My art adviser used to tell me to look at my pallet to see what was going on in my painting. Is it messy do the colors mix or are they all separate, what is the range of colors tones and values, is it visually pleasing, how well does the pallet reflect what you want to be doing on the canvas? When I look at my desk it is clean and ordered, and highlights what is important to me. Raw wood accented with greens and bright colors that indicate to me, I am on a good path.


Monday, October 5

Last Friday

Last Friday I was part of a selected works exhibition at the Schindler Satellite Gallery, with fellow artists, Lisa Taranto and Thomas Van Auken. I had 15 pieces in the show, most of them were painted in NY and a few from the early 90's I did while living in MI. It was the best birthday present ever, to show in such a lovely space, (my birthday is in 2 weeks) with 2 artists whose work I love and respect. From the second I walked in the gallery at 7pm to the time I left at 10pm, I was talking to people about art and listening to what they had to say. I met lots of artists, art students and people who simply like art, or had nothing better to do on a Friday night and happened to wandered in. It was an honor and a pleasure! Kirsten Gray the gallery owner/director is amazing, I truly-thoroughly love working with her.

The show is open by appointment only, but that may change (I will post new info if that changes). To contact the gallery for a viewing call: Kirsten Gray at 804-644-5005

Thanks to those who came out to see the show and to those of you who take some time to view the photos I have posted of it.

It was wonderful, but today is Monday and time to make some progress....
Onward Friends!...Onward!

**Painting: PM Dogs By Tracey St.Peter oil on canvas

Friday, October 2

Frankenstein Friday

Happy Frankenstein Friday! We finished hanging the show late yesterday. If I do say so myself it looks marvelous. I am calm, so much calmer than I am when I have years or months to prep for a show. All that stressing out is so unnecessary. Maybe I even learned something.

The show opens tonight so come on down, see some art and get a Taco from Nate's Taco Truck.

Onward friends!..and have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, September 29

30/52 weeks

Today I am meeting up with my gallery director to set up a show for this Friday. It is sort of a Pop-show as in Pop-quiz, not Pop art although some of my work could be called Pop art. She is allotting me half of the gallery space at the Satellite Eric Schindler Gallery at 8 West Broad Street, RVA. It is part of the Art-Walk, First Friday festivities. The other half of the space will show works by Thomas Van Auken in addition there will be beautiful ceramics by Lisa Taranto.

Thomas Van Auken's paintings are night scenes, large in scale, also very-very nice I might add. To complement his work, I have selected paintings that also deal with night-time light, going as far back to the early 90's.

I will be hanging the show today, not sure what will make the cut, but I have selected about 20 paintings, we will whittle it down and put together the best arrangement possible.

Opening night is this Friday.


Monday, September 28

my new desk

I finished the desk, painted it and am sitting at it writing right now. The first step in turning this room into a proper Art office. I love my new little desk. Next I will make a new perch for Truman using the same wood,(salvaged from Truman's NY living enclosure). She loves watching the computer screen change images from her perch. I love the fact that soon I will be able to get my files out of boxes that are currently stashed all over the house and organized them. Organization will provide some clarity and open a space for new work. This was a big first baby step towards good things!

Tuesday, September 22

52 weeks 29/52

Each morning Mr. Frankenstein wakes me up by cleaning my eye lids. Needless to say I wake up giggling each day. Joy is a funny and illusive thing, but can be found in the little moments we share.

Monday, September 21

Room in the Iguana Room

My current project is building myself a desk. I am setting up an Art Office for myself in the Iguana Room. To smooth things over with Truman, our Green Iguana, I have been displaying photos of Iguana's on my computer screen. My new desk will be in a position that she can view from her perch. For the time being, I have an old table in the spot my desk will occupy. She seems to respond when the lizards are on the screen. She moves over to the edge closest to the screen and I swear I see a slight smile on her green face. Once I get the desk finished I will build her a better perch, in the same style as my desk. The wood I am using came from her old wooden cage we had made in NY, plus some wood I found left in the rafters of our garage.

This new project is bringing me closer to actually making some art again. It is all part of it not a separate venture. By utilizing my skills and becoming more organized I will free myself for my 'work'. I am eying some wood I found in the garage for painting surfaces.

Onward!..and don't forget, little gestures build lasting relationships...just ask the lizard.

Friday, September 18

Frankenstein Friday

There is a slight breeze, muted sky, low thick clouds all indicators pointing towards rain. The stage is set for a mid day nap. Mr. Frankenstein is taking full advantage of the moment..

onward....quietly...the Chug is sleeping.

Wednesday, September 16

Little Things

The other day I saw a flutter out of the corner of my eye, as I was trimming some debris from my garden. It was a Tufted Titmouse hanging upside down from a twig, I thought it was hiding from me. I pretended not to notice it. A little later I saw he was still there in the same position. As I got closer he fluttered even more. It was then that I realized he wasn't hiding but was stuck. The twig was actually a blackberry branch covered in thorns. It had a strong hold on his little bird legs. Quickly I grabbed my trusty garden clippers and trimmed the branch and held it still so he could get some traction. I held the 5" length of thorny stick between two fingers, the bird stopped for a moment, looked at me and then shook free, and flew away!

These little moments seem to happen just when you need a reminder of what is important. They seem to wash all the ugly away. Sometimes you need to look twice to see them, but they are there.


*I picked this photo of Truman in the gourd veins, because she often gets so entangled, I have to trim a few veins to get her out...silly lizard!

Tuesday, September 15


This is a fuzzy shot of a bee leaving the hole in the ground where he lives...I wanted to share it. It is part of living with bees, observing this daily routine. Watching them all leave the hole in the morning then returning at night. Like little black and yellow commuters...the work goes on...


From the garden

Mr. eleven made a smokin hot salsa using tomatoes and hot peppers from our garden...yummy! They have tons of flavor and the color is amazing. I am going to miss all this fresh color as we move into the Fall. Today I celebrate it!


The littlest Murph!

New toy alert! The Chug loves his new green guy. Here we see him looking for a place to hide really stresses him out...but in a good way...Murp!

52 weeks 27 and 28 of 52

This Summer I have been calling my Summer of "Who Cares". It is a saying I picked up from SNL when they spoof, the ladies of the View, Joy Behar to be specific. Who cares! is a way to get past the BS and get to the root of things, for me. I could say, "I am over it"!..that is another popular saying these days. But I am, 'over' sayings too! I swear, it seems like half the folks out there are speaking strictly using phrases from a reality TV show phrases book..."I am not here to make friends" is a popular one....Arg! Seriously, this is a call to not sweat the silly stuff and focus on what is real.

It is now Fall according to my internal clock and that means getting down to business. Yesterday I laid out a game plan for the studio, what I would like to accomplish. Today I am working on a game plan for organizing my life so those things can happen. I am setting up an office in Truman's room, see that is me at my desk in her room (by the way she is healthy and happy and fat, the over head light makes her look too skinny).

Mr. Eleven and I joined Gold's Gym and are working on getting healthy. I am so proud of him, he has quit smoking and is 100% committed to meeting his health goals! Me too! I meet with a trainer later today. I am happy to be back in a gym, it has been a long time since I had a proper work out routine, (besides skating).

So here is the bottom line, I mess up a lot, but I keep trying and I work really hard, I get a lot wrong, but sometimes I get things right! That is what I am aiming for, getting it right more. So if I spell words wrong and write long run-on sentences, "Who Cares"!...If I say something inadvertently that pisses someone off, and they hold it against me, but won't tell me why...I say, Who Cares! I am not saying F'off, I am simply letting it go. My job is to do my best, to share what I learn and make strong art that communicates as clearly as possible. You can't do that when you are tide in knots. It feels good, try it some time, just say, 'Who cares", let go of any anger or frustration and move on!...

Onward Friends!

Monday, September 14

Over the Summer Months I used the time to work on The Story Telling Chair. It was a terrific project, for a great cause and it came just when I needed it. By focusing on learning a new set of skills I got to spend an entire Summer in Bee-Man Land. I did one painting over the summer and it is in a good home now.

I was starting to get worried because Target stopped carrying the globes I was using to painting on. They were about a third cheaper than I could find anyplace else and perfect for my needs. A week ago I found 2 globes in the, 'back to school' section at Target and nabbed them! I will have to start the long process of sanding and priming them.

In addition to the globes I have a few paintings that need to be framed. I will attempt this with my new found Wood working skills...if not skills, the confidence I now have to give it a try!

I have a Mobil project I am working on with my mom. I drew some shapes and she cut them out of clay and glazed them in her studio in MI and shipped them to me. I am working out how they will hang before we make a final set of shapes. I love the ceramic shapes and can see them working in various ways.

Whew! that is the game plan for Fall. Plus a few other things that are rattling around in my brain.

The photo of the Bee is because two weeks ago, I was mowing our lawn and got attacked and stung 3 times. Mr. Eleven says it couldn't have been bees because there wasn't any stingers left in my body. So we think it was one or a few Wasps. Here I am dreaming about Bee-Man Land and painting bees and I get attacked! It made me think of those jerks who live with bears or some other wild animal and think they are, 'friends' till the bear does what a bear does naturally! I still love my bees and wasps too, I respect them even more. I finally got my nerve up to Finnish the lawn yesterday. Thankfully I did it without getting stung. I wanted to link to a great little article my friend sent me on a guy who rates stings like a wine connoisseur, I can't seem to get it to link but the title is: Oh Sting, Where is Thy Death? Happy Days Blog,

Lots to do! I look to the bees for inspiration, they are working now, just out side my window. I guess if this were a magical story I would make extra special amazing Bee Art from now on, because I was stung by bees and have them in my blood!..HA! Maybe I would turn into a Bee and see the world as a bee during full moons...Maybe I would end up living in Bee-Man Land forever, and make drawings of Man-man land...
One thing for sure is, it is time to work, work like the bees!

Friday, September 11

Friday September 11,

I went back and read what I posted a year ago today, you can read it here.

This morning Frankenstein and I went on our walk like we do each day. I had not realized it was the 11th. The perfect blue sky and hint of Fall in the air, reminded me of that day. I took a deep breath and let the memories breeze through my mind. I let them run like a movie. Then I bent down and retrieved the poop Frankenstein had just made. It wasn't until I got home I realized the date.

I actually walked 2 dogs besides my own 8 years ago today. At that time I ran a dog walking business and walked dogs in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. I walked my (client) dog named Detour, to the river and joined a huge crowd of other neighborhood folk, all watching from the shore. Keep in mind planes were flying low over head, we didn't know if we would be hit again. We didn't know if people had got out of the towers or not, or where our friends and neighbors were. The majority of people in my neighborhood ran with their cameras to the rivers edge. On our walk home, Detour and I past the Williamsburg Bridge and saw people streaming over it covered in blackness, the Hasidim had tables set up with water for the victims. Detour's owner was home by then, but couldn't reach his wife. She was in Manhattan but, there was no cell phone service. A man had wondered into his first floor studio and was in shock, he didn't know his name or where he lived.

For days and weeks afterward, we the good people of NY, were in shock. The trains were quiet, no on spoke. The absents of the two large towers was missing from each familiar vantage point in our city. It still is and will always leave an emptiness.

The thing I think about today is, the poop goes on. Through good times and bad, the poop goes on. This day has been twisted and used by some, and you could say that is poop. But I don't want to dwell on that. It was a real thing that happened to real people. It happened and I was there and it shaped who I am today. It makes me long for my friends. I want to go to the Brooklyn Ale House tonight and give Dan a big hug and a kiss. But, the poop goes on and I am here in VA. living a good life and picking up after my Chug. Under the same blue sky...

We all have our own memories and have lived through events that make us who we are. This story I tell is not meant to diminish the experiences of those who were at other sites attacked or even those who watched it on a TV set from a 'safe' place..or even those who at this very moment are living through a personal catastrophic event. I simply hope to remember we are all one people, on one globe, each with our own story, yet still one.

Onward!..the blog ends each post with a hardy Onward! Because surviving is the best revenge and thriving is even better! So be nice, it doesn't hurt. Be supportive when someone is down. Most importantly keep picking up the poop, it makes the world go 'round.

Onward friends!

Tuesday, August 25

24/52 weeks

24/52 weeks
Originally uploaded by tracey st.peter

Sorry about the delay, we got the camera working again...yay! I posted both number 24 and 25 of 52 self portraits on the Flicker page...check them both out, if your dare...

Wednesday, August 19

The Storytelling Chair

My Summer project got a boost yesterday when I submitted my information to the nice folks at the Chair Affair. You can also view the progress of my chair here.

This process has been like taking a class and I am about to graduate (it is due September 1). I learned everything as I went along. Each problem was a challenge. Going through a process like this, builds ones confidence and strengthens determination. I am looking forward to doing more wood projects and combining my love of Folk Art and Conceptual Art. The best part about this project is it is for a great cause. I hope The Storytelling Chair does well at the auction!

I hope people take note of the concept. You are meant to listen to the story the chair tells you and then tell that story. I would love to hear those stories! It has been telling them to me throughout the process.

I am still working on the chair, just a few small things need to be tied as always friends,


*I am having camera troubles, so I am late on my self portrait this week. But rest assured, I have taken the photo but can't get it to soon as I get it worked out I will post it.

Friday, August 14

Frankenstein Friday

After a good chew, in this case dried sweet potato a guy just needs to rest! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 11

23/52 weeks

23/52 weeks
Originally uploaded by tracey st.peter

Art hurts!..yep I got this crazy blister working on my big summer project. Yow! I know Mr. Eleven would tell me to pop it, but he is out of town so I am going to let it be, for now. It is a bit harder today and less throbbie than yesterday.

The project is due real soon, I will put together a step by step pictorial of the entire process from start to finish when it is complete. But as I keep saying, I need to keep it to myself till it is done. Mostly, I am keeping it on the low-down so I can keep my head clear and not worry what others might is a delicate balance. Since this is a new thing of me, I am protecting myself more than I need to with a Painting. But as of today, it is on track and I think going well...I think.
in-any-case....Onward!...blisters and all!

Monday, August 10

Mr. Elevn picks a nice wine

Mr. Elevn picks a nice wine
Originally uploaded by tracey st.peter

check out photos from the 3rd Eric Schindler Satellite gallery show, hosted by Art180. It was another strong show and for August a great turn out. I had one Globe and two paintings in this show.


Friday, August 7

frankenstein's first look at the ocean

This video was taken last September. It just reached 507 hits on my flickr page. That is the most hits any of my photos has ever received. I would like to think it is because it is such a cute video, but I realize it may have more to do with the words: Nude Beach being in the description. In any case, I think it is super cute and since I haven't been to the beach yet this year it is a nice reminder of how great that feels. Hope you enjoy it...Happy Frankenstein Friday!

Tuesday, August 4

22/52 weeks

22/52 weeks
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The self portrait today is of me my dog and the fruits from my this case lots of tomatoes. Tomato sandwiches and salads rule! It is that time of year, The garden is paying us back for all the care we gave it this year.

I have big news today I have the date of my next solo show at the Eric Schindler Gallery, Oct. 2011. It's the future!..I expect we will all be driving flying cars by then and wearing Mylar suits. So friends, start making plans to be here for it....World Ball II! I may change the name by then...

The Summer is winding down...and I am gearing up! The last few months have been about getting reconnected. After a solo show you go though a period sort of like postpartum depression. But sucks to that! I worked it out in my garden, pruning rose bushes, nurturing seedlings, battling Virgina creeper (The most determined weed that ever lived, I swear it!). With the harvest of my big red ripe tomatoes I have found peace. I feel ready to get back in the studio and like the Bees who are working when I rise and still at it till the sun sets, it is time to work!