Friday, March 27

Frankenstein Friday

This is perhaps my favorite Frankenstein photo ever!
..and here he is calm cool and collected, I would not hurt a fly!

A lovely weekend to all!

Tuesday, March 24

Tracey Face Tuesday is now 52 weeks Tuesday

It is week 5 of my 52 week self portrait project. I have to confess I was sick this past week and didn't spend much time on these. I decided to just do an artist with her work theme. I like to see artist with their work. The painting is called: My Boy, Our Boy It is an intense yellow painting, one of the War Paintings series.

So far I still feel uncomfortable with my own image. I was told by someone who finished a similar project that she now feels at ease in front of a camera. For me so far, it is the opposite. I am horrified by 90% of the photos of my face! I am thinking the name Tracey face is pretty gross too! So lets just change that right now. Tuesday is now, 52 weeks Tuesday.

I feel better already!

Click here for the rest of week 5's images.

Monday, March 23

walk with the Chug

walk with the Chug
Originally uploaded by tracey st.peter
I documented our walk this morn check it out. These 2 are our friends the Slobber Puss Boxers we love them and greet them at the fence each day.

I am in a visual mode, getting ready to paint our front door red. Spring is in the air.