Friday, August 13

frankenstein Friday-Now with extra Bella

Happy Friday the Thirteenth--no worries it's just another day of play punctuated by naps for the pups.

Onward Monkeys!

Thursday, August 12

Onward Monkeys!

Onward Monkeys! The Russian Nesting Doll-Monkey Bowl is coming together step by baby step. I had my little 7 year old friend come over and give me some tips. I asked what color the bowls should be and she thought it over good and hard and said I needed to first paint it all white then dust it off. Then it should be: every color! She is right it needs to be simplified and painted all white before I can even think about color. Cleaning up all the dust will clear my vision to go forward. She also gave me another great tip, that I should make another critter to go under the shell that the little man is standing on! Great idea kid! Onward I go fine tuning and getting ready to paint it white. The dogs are doing their part in keeping the studio a calm and productive space, with their snores.

Onward monkeys!