Tuesday, September 29

30/52 weeks

Today I am meeting up with my gallery director to set up a show for this Friday. It is sort of a Pop-show as in Pop-quiz, not Pop art although some of my work could be called Pop art. She is allotting me half of the gallery space at the Satellite Eric Schindler Gallery at 8 West Broad Street, RVA. It is part of the Art-Walk, First Friday festivities. The other half of the space will show works by Thomas Van Auken in addition there will be beautiful ceramics by Lisa Taranto.

Thomas Van Auken's paintings are night scenes, large in scale, also very-very nice I might add. To complement his work, I have selected paintings that also deal with night-time light, going as far back to the early 90's.

I will be hanging the show today, not sure what will make the cut, but I have selected about 20 paintings, we will whittle it down and put together the best arrangement possible.

Opening night is this Friday.


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