Friday, October 24

frankenstein and his squeeky toy

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I was sad, so the Chug started a game of: I am So Damn cute, check me Out, to cheer me up. It helped a little.

Wednesday, October 22

Small square painting 4, progress.....

day 1
day 2
day 3

I liked the color best on day 2...
on day 3 things took a weird turn, I kept getting interrupted and loosing concentration. To me the colors looked like an old 1980's sweater. It kind of grossed me out! The paint got pretty thick today, so I am going to give it a rest for a while. The colors that are there now remind me of an old fairy tail book I had when I was a kid. Some of the illustrations were printed in that same blue green color....still others were printed solely in a bright yellow. Seeing these colors now, brings on an avalanche of memories...
that is where things stand as of is hard for me to look at...knowing it is in such an awkward place.

Arg, I have this notion that it is important to see these progress reports. To help understand what goes into a painting, or any art form. The day to day of it. Small square painting4, is about the election, it is about late Oct. flowers and bees still working in the warming sunlight, it is about hanging out with my dog, missing NY and my friends there, it is about my new home and new friends, about change, taking a leap and the pause between... it is about being in limbo...

as always....

Monday, October 20

Canadian Lady

The Big Irish Head is in a band called Canadian Lady, they played their first gig this past Sunday. I posted a few short clips and photos, (I will post a few more later) from the show here.
Payton and I hung out while the boys rocked for Richmond.