Wednesday, March 23

Bella update

I am in bed with Bella today, again. It seems the only way to keep her immobile is to be immobile myself. Since my last post she has been back to the vet twice. Because of the placement of her stitches she reopens the wound each time she moves. Air and some infection puffed her up getting under her skin, literally, (you can see some of that in the photo above). Touching her, she felt like a squishy water ballon. When she moved it farted and made crunchy sounds.

The good news is I have been flushing the "opening" with Betidine, along with the antibiotics, the wound is showing signs of healing. I think we may still need to get a few staples put in to close up the last bit. But it is looking a lot better! On the bad side, the vet bills are growing and I haven't been able to get in the studio in days.

Frankenstein has been a sweet supportive brother, Bella is looking bright and not leaking--yay! I am in bed reading, frustrated but happy that things are looking up.

These are the days that the value of baby steps is clear, each breath is towards healing,
onward monkey