Thursday, April 9


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No big news here...just playing with my dog. Lots of things percolating, but no soup yet.

Tuesday, April 7

52 weeks, week 7

I know this photo is out of focus, but I like it. I chose 3 faces this week you can see the others here.

Since WORLD BALL (my art show extravaganza), I have been struggling to find my footing. I think I found it and it is in Hockey skates! OH Yeah! Mr. Eleven started skating 4 months ago. I was worried I would fall and get hurt and screw up my art show, so I held back. I could just see my self in a full body cast at my opening, arg!

We are going to skate 3 days a week and then there is Hockey Camp. Kevin has been going for 2 months. I will give it a go, but, I want to get a bit better first. In any case, it is great exercise and fun.

I recall a conversation I had with one of my art advisers 100 years ago in grad school. He said the hardest part about being an artist is leaning to have a life as well as making your work. It is so true. Finding a balance when all you want/need to do is make stuff. There are times when you need to get out of the studio (or in my case garage or kitchen) and get into life, to recharge and to reconnect. It is time for me to do some non art things and replenish my well. I am going to keep on drawing/ visiting BeeMan Land, it is the season (Pollen is in the air). I am looking forward to a few months of gardening, skating and dare I say it, socializing. Yep the hermit is going to leave her cave....