Thursday, May 22

Bad ass Frankenstein!

Can you see it on his face. The introspection the pride, the, I can't wait to get out side and do it again look. Yep, Frankenstein killed his first Chipmunk today. He kept trying to bring it in the house. We told him to bury it. His first choice of hiding spots was by my tomato plants. I told him no way! He finally chose a place in the back garden area, it is not being used right now so I let him go for it. He carefully dug a hole, with the limp little body still in mouth. He placed it in the hole then, gently pushed dirt over his prize.
I never thought he would actually catch one! He is feeling like the king of the world right now. Long live Frankenstein the great hunter!

Wednesday, May 21

Truman puts in a days work

Yesterday Truman got sick of laying out in her outside cage. I let her roam around the yard and she made a bee-line right to the back porch. She hasn't figured out the dogie door yet. But, we got the message. We set her up on Mr. Eleven's back porch desk. She loved it! She can see the entire yard from there and gets sun and fresh air. She also loves to watch Kevin work. Today I put her on the desk right after her morning bath. She has a new job. Watching The Big Irish Head work. She does it well!

Globe 3....done!

It came together last night. I stepped back from the oil paint and turp fumes and knew it was done.
I had to let go of 'ideas' and just let it happen. When I let go. In came all the things around me. The diamond plaster walls from Sally's home. The Blue from the Blue Bunting that has been feeding in my yard all month. The Yellow patch evolved into a big yellow egg.
One thing flows into the next. Each effects what follows as well as things on the other side of the globe.

The things I was working on before my trip melded with the trip. It became whole; an egg!
I just received word that a friend has some globes for me. That makes me happy. Send me your globes!..and on it goes...

Tuesday, May 20

It feels like Summer

Mr. Eleven has set up his office on the back porch. A dogie door allows Frankenstein to come in and out, mostly out.
The great chipmunk hunter!
The garden path is looking good!
I am feeling it!

Monday, May 19

Arg! Monday!

These are from a few months back, but, I never posted them. I am feeling like this today! Like I could just crawl into a cozy ball and hide.
I missed Frankenstein Friday. I have been trying to catch him with his new stuffed animal. I got him a stuffed rattle snake, with squeakers from NM. He loves it and even though it is about 3 times as long as him, he folds it in half and carries it around the house. I am also trying to catch him singing to his squeaky toy. It is so damn cute. I will keep trying!
Major yard work went down this weekend. Also, after living with Globe 3 for a few days I am really liking it. Just a few minor things and on to the big plaster half globe!
I desperately need a carpenter to make some stretcher cradles for me. But I am so overwhelmed with everything else. I just don't know where to start. Oh, woe-is me!
As for today, today I will cut the lawn. Then I will start attacking my list. The list that just gets longer everyday! Arg!. . . . .o n w a r d. . . .. ... .. ..this is me limping along!