Friday, March 6

Frankenstein Friday, empty nests and moveing on..

First of all, Happy Frankenstein Friday! The snow is almost completely just a memory.
Life goes are blooming and the temps are getting warmer. All the water from the melted snow has nurtured the soil.
But there is a lot of clean up to do. There are fallen trees and limbs everywhere.

Our house guest moved out after a months stay with us. So I feel a bit of empty nest syndrome. Also from my work going off to the gallery. It is like a double empty nest whammy!
My way of dealing with it is, getting as much space between me and what was, as possible. So, I rearranged the guest bedroom. Cleaned it, changed the art around. I did the same thing with my living room where WORLD BALL lived before it went off to the gallery. Now the room is full of my War Paintings. A completely opposite mood from WORLD BALL.

The snow is gone so to get past it, I gathered up the fallen limbs and will cut them up this weekend...onward! Onward, it is what I do.

When World Ball comes home next week. I will be well on to the next thing. Oh yes! I have a bunch of new things cooking. I tried to get into the Trapper Keeper Project, but I don't think now is the time to look back. I am going forward! That project is on hold. But froward leaning projects are forming like the next big storm!

Onward...Onward...Onward!...a lovely weekend, new work, new projects and new perspectives await!

Tuesday, March 3

The Trapper Kepper Project

The Rungis Market is spread out over the towns of Chevilly-Larue, Rungis and Fresnes.
It lies in the centre of an exceptional communication network located in the the Orly-Rungis business centre, second largest in Ile-de-France after La Defense . I found this information here.

I don't think I could have ever remembered where this was from on my own. At the time, in 1990 computers were just starting to be a part of our lives. It is so cool that now, with just the writing on the bag and a few seconds search I could uncover the mystery. I don't know what I bought that filled this little bag. But I am going to guess it was a little fresh pastery.
I love this little bag and the colorful illustration on it.

bright new day

I am loving the light today. Although I may need to wear my sunglasses indoors, it is super bright. I posted some new Bee-Man Land drawings here. I tried to post them at the blog but they were all sideways. I am trying to push the drawings, but also follow where they want to take me.

Tracey Face Tuesday

HA!...I had fun with these, you can see the rest here. I went with a theme this time, but I am not going to title them. I think that the theme and make-up is enough input from me. In my mind, these images come from an after hours club, at about 10am, oh the drama!
I think next week I will try something a lot sweeter.

Monday, March 2

Snow day in Richmond!

Snow day!!! What fun...can you tell Frankenstein isn't a snow dog? Check out more Richmond snow photos here. I don't have mittens so I am going to do what we did when I was a kid...sock hands! I am going to put some socks on my mitts and make a snow man!
The birds are in need of some fatty food so I am going to whip up a batch of Jarvis' mom's special suet, for them. The Blog wishes her a speedy recovery and all the best.