Friday, June 25

frankenstein Friday

Love, play, sleep, that's what the kids do, eat, poop and repeat.

I can see Frankenstein's round head in the Thinking Monkey sculpture. His perfectly rounded shapes and delicate edges. I think the top photo of Bella needs to be a new sculpture. The twist of her body and weight on the pillow. But for now let's just enjoy the goodness they bring and smile!

and a happy weekend to all!

Wednesday, June 23

Today's cuteness

After a nice walk and some breakfast there is nothing left to do but play!


Progress report: Hare and Standing Monkey

I am so close to color! I can't wait to start painting them. I will concentrate on the Thinking Monkey today to bring it up to the same level as these two. Then the final pass of sanding, then color! I love them white, but dream of color, they could go through a few color changes and end up being painted white again--I never know till I try. It is a whole new world and I am just getting started!


Tuesday, June 22

In the garden

Here's what is going on in the garden: melons, beans, luffa, eggplant, radish, tomato, peppers, basil, various herbs, Lavender, and lots of flowers. The bees are working hard all day long and inspiring us to try harder and do better. I found a baby toad in Bella's water bowl this morning. It was so tiny and cute. I helped it escape before she spotted it. Frankenstein is keeping the chipmunks on the run. It is a team effort! That's how my garden grows.