Tuesday, November 10

36 of 52 weeks

I am feeling like I am part of a mystery story today. Trying to navigate the hall of mirrors that surrounds my studio. When I feel close to getting back in, I find I am even further away. The Chair Affair auction is this weekend. I think once that is over I will have a clear space that may led back 'in'. I did start some little sculptures this weekend, but in a passive way. I had a few paintings in this past First Friday show at the Schindler Gallery, but the paintings have already been up for a month so I felt detached from them. Nothing wrong with that, it was a social event not an art theses I was presenting this time around.

I have started collecting images and info:
-vintage insect art
-cool bee biology

-bee myths
-more bee myth and info
-a honeycomb vase
-bee symbolism
-a word from Albert Einstein on bees
-more bee mythology
-beeswax Collage
-beeswax art
-and this guy!--amazing face painting art, don't miss this!

The mystery is here, in the struggle, in the research, in the prep and in the obligations. We all experience it every day in our lives-seeking joy between cleaning the dirty laundry and raking leaves. I admire the bees, still aggressively collecting from the remaining flowers in November.
In fact I got stung multiple times last weekend, when I ran over the bee hole (entrance to their under ground hive) with our leaf blower, yow!--they got me good! I want to make art like a bee works, with unadulterated focus. I want to sting anyone or thing who keeps me from my work! But then I would have no life and no friends or in the end no reason to work. The mystery is as always how to find balance and thrive. Maybe there is no balance and there will always be a hall of mirrors surrounding my ultimate goal. Maybe I am doing what I am supposes to, taking baby steps with my eyes and senses wide open--searching for the next big flower--like a bee.