Saturday, November 27

As promised..

Here is a link to some photos I took at the Eric Schindler 50th Anniversary show. I got a bit lazy near the end and didn't label all of them, but it is a nice over view (the first photo is of me after the show, just keep hitting previous to see the entire show. I added this shows photos to the already existent Eric Schindler Gallery shows, I have photographed over the past few years. The opening was about as good as an opening gets, great food and drink, people, sales and art! Really strong art I might add.

Time to get back in the studio and see where the Monkeys take me...

onward Monkeys!

Wednesday, November 24

Full belly and Fresh breath for Thanksgiving

I found this awesome recipe and baked these cookies for the dogs. My little guys love them, as you can see by the look on Bella's face. Here is the recipe. They are super simple to make, healthy and they leave the dogs breath fresh and clean, (I doubled the amount of parsley in mine). What a perfect way to include the Dogs in the feast tomorrow! In the description, she says her Pug loves them, that is a very misleading statement. If Bella is any indication, Pugs love eating everything!

Happy Thanksgiving to all...
onward Monkeys!