Wednesday, December 16

Almost 100%

I have been sick for almost 2 months. Mostly it has been a really bad ear ache. I really don't want to talk about it. I want to go forward. I limped through Thanksgiving and have been too out of it to even think about Christmas stuff. I finally broke down and got myself a Netti pot. It is really great and I feel better already!

In other healthy-product good news--I hate to admit, I found a great alternative to nasty products used to get old wallpaper down (I did manage to work on the bathroom wall paper while sick, the thought of pretty new tile is a great motivator!). I first tried the chemical stuff and it worked pretty darn good. When the bottle ran out I switched to my trusty Dr. Bronners Peppermint Oil Soap deluded in a spray bottle. I found it worked even better and it left a nice minty scent in the crusty ol bathroom.

For now I am taking it slow hoping to feel 100% real soon. I think maybe I needed a break way back in March after my art show. I was determined to push forward without a break. Well here it is: Uncle! I said it, I give in! Not doing, not moving, not making huge or even baby steps just kills me...but I have. So I will say it, onward....all lower case in a hushed whisper...onward. Unless I start feeling bad then it is life back on hold--mad respect body, mad respect mind...but please can we start moving again...onward?