Friday, April 18

Kick Ass Chick

I haven't posted a kick ass chick in a while. This is Sally and Jack, I painted this right before Sally moved to Spain. She lived there for 5 years. At the same time Mr. Eleven and I moved to Richmond she came back to the good old USA. She now has a beautiful home in New Mexico. Sally is a great artist and friend. I am heading out there next week for a visit. We haven't seen each other since she left for Spain.
This may be my last post for about a week. When I return I will share photos from my trip. The Big Irish Head will be in charge of the Chug, Liz, Fish and birds...yikes!

Globe 3

making progress...

Frankenstein Friday

I know these are out of focus, but I think they capture the Chug in action quite well. He runs into the room with a bone bigger than his head in his mouth. He does all he can to make me want to chase him, to get the wonderful prize. But, he proves once again he is faster and wants the bone more than I. Frankenstein wins!

Wednesday, April 16

Globe 3

Globe 3 is now underway! I hope to make progress on it today. Slow steady work. Onward!

Beeman 3-D

Well, it is a first try...

3-D birdman

I have tried drawing, wire sculpture, cut paper and now 3-D, with these guys. This is a first try, we shall see if I can get more out of these. I want to try adding some real feathers...well ideas are coming, we shall see where it goes. He is surfing on my phone.

Yesterdays drawings

The first two are about kicking back after a hard days work...
This last one is about getting ready to go to work.
I like these, this is a direction I want to explore, more.

Tuesday, April 15

Tent worms

This tree is just across the street from our yard. After the last wind storm it is now leaning ever closer to us. As you can see it is infested with Tentworms.
I sprayed the fruit trees with my trusty oil soap. I thought I got all of them out. But, when I went back to assess my handy work I found this one last tent. It is going to be a battle for the next few weeks. Unless we have another wind storm and that tree falls in my yard..then it is over...they win...arg!

Pretty Birds

Color is popping out everywhere. The Dogwood trees and fruit trees are in full bloom. Azalea bushes scream in reds, purples, pinks and white. The weeds in lawn are producing all sorts of little flowers.
You would think I would be painting up a storm. But it is slow going. I made a few marks on the smaller globe yesterday. I started a few little art projects but nothing worth showing. It is a slow process but I am building up my stamina. All that sanding and sculptural work I have been doing, took me away from the kind of decision making painting requires. I am like a plane getting ready to land. Reversing my engines. Hoping not to stall!

Monday, April 14

Yesterdays drawings

Pollen! The top and bottom drawings are about the pollen and the middle one is about the lawn. We bought a new lawn mower this weekend. I was all geared up to cut the grass on Thursday. But the old mower was not up to it. Now I have a fancy new one. The lawn isn't waiting for me. There are all sorts of things gowning in it!
The pollen kept clogging the pond filter all weekend. We worked with it and finally turned on the uv-light in the filter that is meant to kill algae. It seems to have worked, the pond is looking good today.
I am going to start painting next. Hopefully I will have something good to show tomorrow! Onward!