Tuesday, September 22

52 weeks 29/52

Each morning Mr. Frankenstein wakes me up by cleaning my eye lids. Needless to say I wake up giggling each day. Joy is a funny and illusive thing, but can be found in the little moments we share.

Monday, September 21

Room in the Iguana Room

My current project is building myself a desk. I am setting up an Art Office for myself in the Iguana Room. To smooth things over with Truman, our Green Iguana, I have been displaying photos of Iguana's on my computer screen. My new desk will be in a position that she can view from her perch. For the time being, I have an old table in the spot my desk will occupy. She seems to respond when the lizards are on the screen. She moves over to the edge closest to the screen and I swear I see a slight smile on her green face. Once I get the desk finished I will build her a better perch, in the same style as my desk. The wood I am using came from her old wooden cage we had made in NY, plus some wood I found left in the rafters of our garage.

This new project is bringing me closer to actually making some art again. It is all part of it not a separate venture. By utilizing my skills and becoming more organized I will free myself for my 'work'. I am eying some wood I found in the garage for painting surfaces.

Onward!..and don't forget, little gestures build lasting relationships...just ask the lizard.