Friday, June 20

some progress...

I experimented with plaster in my paint yesterday. I did a bunch of research and came up with a kind of bastardized fresco process. I started on a bathroom tile, mixed oil primer with plaster. This is my base coat. Then I mixed plaster in with oil paint. It has a milky translucence that reminds me of encaustic. I tried scratching into it layering and mixing wet on wet...this is the result.
arg...well, I am stumped. I don't want to kill this one, by over working it. But I am not happy with it yet. It is close. I wish I had done it with the fresco process I tried out yesterday. That is the kind of surface it needs. The shine it has now is not right. I will contemplate this today. I do know the name of it though: Luna. Sally is going to name her horse Luna.
Lately, I have been thinking of the Globes as Crystal balls, like in the Wizard of OZ...or like books, or information spheres.... But in this case it has been my, Tracey Voodoo to bring Luna to Sally. Well that is part of it anyhow. They are these timeless things, maybe from the past or maybe the future and they have information we need...but we have to read them. But first, I have to make them readable...arg!...limping along. . . o n w a r d . . . . .

Frankenstein Friday part 2


**this one worked...cross your fingers for Frankenstein Friday part 1

This is not a Frankestein Friday post...

We are waiting for some video clips to process..hopefully they will. We got 2 really cute ones, we hope to share. For now, here is Frankenstein with his newest toy. Mr. Eleven got him this chipmunk this past weekend. It has been kind of tough for Frankenstein lately. The baby bunny's are kind of slow and trusting. They just wont run and hide when we go in the yard. Each time we go out, I pick up the pup, carry him into the yard, all the while yelling, here we come, run and hide! Once the yard is clear Frankenstein can go about his yard biz.
Mr. Chipmunk has replaced Mr. Snake as the number one toy.

**Update, I just read that it may take days to get the videos processed! Man that sucks! I am willing to wait. But am really bummed out about this. I may have to call this Frankenstein Friday after all.

Wednesday, June 18

Globe 4 Update...

When the blue dried on top I wasn't happy with it. I didn't know what to do, but the blue was wrong. I knew.
This morning Sally sent this photo of the horse she hopes will be the newest member of her family. All along globe 4 has had something to do with my trip to New Mexico. The answer to my problem must be there. It didn't take long for me to make the leap from: Oh what a pretty horse! to: That is the color I need on the dome!
Isn't she a pretty horse!..just amazing! I love the gray, or strawberry roan as the horse folks say. well I 'roaned' my dome, and I like it. The gray seems to have pulled things together. I think it may need to be more opaque but a move in the right direction. Thats the update for now....

Monday, June 16

bee and flower

I saw the architect who presented this idea, on the Colbert Report the other day. Pretty neat, check it out.
Things are taking forever to post today. I had a longer clip of a bee pollinating our Echinacea flower. But it wouldn't post. This short one will have to do.

I was just out in the yard and a baby bunny came hopping out from behind the big sod dog-dog house. It hopped right up to me, about 3 feet away. It looked at me with it's big dark Disney eyes. Then it hoped up to a squirrel and touched noses...just too cute. Needless to say Frankenstein is on lock down. He isn't allowed in the yard, till the bunny is grown and off at college! OK, I might let him out... but only once I clear the yard by going out first, banging on a pot and yelling till every critter can run and find a safe place.

Big sod dog-dog house, in bloom...

As it settles it looks less and less like a big dog. The head bloomed. It doesn't look like a head, but that is OK. It is still pretty neat.
When I was in art school we had all sorts of people with various body types pose as models for our classes. There was one guy who was super duper sized. He usually posed on a couch and usually lay down, for a long pose. In the course of say 30 min to an hour, his fat would settle. So we would have to keep readjusting our drawings. As if he were melting. As the big sod dog settles he reminds me of that melting man I used to draw.