Friday, July 30

Monkey Bowl coming to life

I am adding hands, feet and the face to the Monkey Bowl, today. The tail will have to be added last for structural reasons.

Onward Monkeys!

Breaking the ice

It isn't fancy or flashy it's simply the first page of my Sketchbook. Setting the tone for things to come, it frees me to go forward, having this first page behind me. The Quote is from my 7 year old friend Isabella, "No one distracts her, she is a girl who is free". The Theme of my Sketchbook is, "in flight", quite fitting I think. I added the vellum layer of faces to show the drama that surrounds us, that she doesn't notice--she is truly, a girl who is free!

Onward Monkeys!

Frankenstein Friday-Now with extra Bella

Happy Friday!

Onward Monkeys--after a nice nap.

Thursday, July 29

Today, I start the first page...

I signed up to be part of this cool sketchbook project. My friend Tere suggested it and I jumped at the chance. My mom signed on a few days ago! I got my book last week but just opened it up today. It is kind of intimidating at first. The first page, "Oh my"! I refuse to get weird about it, it is going to be fun! So today I break the ice, today I will work on the first page!
Please joining the fun, get a book and fill it! You have a year to finnish it-what are you waiting for?

Onward Monkeys!

Neat animal jewelry

I like this a lot!

onward monkeys!

Wednesday, July 28

Growing food and beauty

Another way to beat the heat is to grow good things! It has been hard keeping living things alive in the heat. But with night time watering and some luck we have been feasting on tomatoes, peppers, basil, melons and more! Check out our awesome salsa. Three cheers for Zinnia's! I love my Zinnias they just keep on thriving no matter how damn hot it is outside. They attract butterflies, bees and Goldfinches. Every time I look at my garden I see a butterfly or goldfinch among the blooms or a bee with buckets full of pollen.

Onward Monkeys!

The heat

It has been so incredibly hot! As a by product of the triple digit temps our heat pump has been running non stop. Last year I hooked a PVC pipe to the condensation run off from the heat pump. It made a nice little oasis. I added a terra-cotta bowl and pretty little rocks to complete the area. It is a place Truman our Lizard like to hang out. I have seen frogs, toads, birds, bees and chipmunks drinking and lingering in the nice little spot. However, it was over flowing due to all the extra condensation coming down the pipe this week. So, I added a "river" and two more basins. It is even sillier looking now, but that much more enjoyable for the little critters.

I was also able to use the power of the sun to dry my paper mache faster. The Monkey bowl is coming along! He looked so happy laying in the sun.

Onward Monkeys!

life's unexpected distractions

Last Friday Mr.Eleven and I found we had to do an emergency make over on our horrendous little bathroom. It had gotten to the point that I would rather walk up two flights of stairs to use the facilities, than go in 'that' place. When we bought our house the bathroom was a full on 1980's country cottage frilly mecca. The walls, as well as the door were covered in wallpaper with little blue and pink hearts, there were fake flowers and cactus with jiggly eyes glued on them (I freed the cactus and it is thriving in a real pot with no eyes glued to it). My favorite item was a crochet blue toilet paper cozy that looked like a poodle (also with jiggly eyes).

Over the past 4 years we slowly got rid of all the 80's kitsch and I even stripped off the wall paper. After a drainage problem the floor was ripped out. We were all set to renovate this past Winter, when we saw the price of tile and balked--broke down and gave up. It was basically abandoned with raw cement floors, black glue marks, walls that had bits of wallpaper and glue stuck to them. Part of me loved this little hell hole in our home. It reminded me of all the crappy-messy-gross-discusting bathrooms I suffered in NY. So, in a sense it felt like home.

But this time we had to follow through and get the job done. In order to pass an inspection, that will lead to big savings for us. So we worked as a tag team all weekend! We got it done and it looks spectacular. It is clean crisp and modern! We are very pleased and Bella likes it too!

I feel like these 4 days of diversion from my work have gone on forever. I was using my skills, my art skills that is, so in that sense it wasn't so bad. Now that it is done I am ready to roll--

Onward Monkeys!