Friday, January 23

Frankenstein Friday

Frankenstein and I watched every second of the inauguration.....from the first people who gathered on the Mall to the last dance at the last Ball.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, January 22

group show

I will have one painting in this show, the opening is Saturday...if you are in town, come on down!

**I got a sneak peek of the show today. There are lots of fun and amazing work in it. Some of my favorite things are a leather squirrel and a cool cat head, found object sculpture! I will try and take some photos to share, this weekend.

Tuesday, January 20

inauguration day song, by Frankenstein

Here is the tail end of a sweet song by Frankenstein. He sings one pure note for all of us, on this historic Inauguration day.

Monday, January 19

Happy MLK day

I think this is a fitting image for today.

Holly took this photo the other day. This globe is titled: When the Rat Guards the Egg.

I am still a busy elf, or maybe a busy little rat...getting ready, preparing for WORLD BALL.