Friday, February 29

Globe 2

I think this one is about the bees. I am going to add a few more bees on the back side. Or the other side. There isn't really a back to a sphere or globe. It is coming along. Onward!

Black birds back

The flock came back today
Just as dramatic as their first visit..
This image reminds me of a hipster silk screen print. Gosh, those animal drop-out images are so over played these days. But the real thing is pretty cool!

peel me

This is one member of the fam who isn't so thrilled with Frankensteins first year! She like the other dog we had. The big one who didn't give a crap about her.
Here she is doing a few laps in the tub after taking a crap. Talk about dry skin...oh my!

Frankenstein Friday

Mr. Eleven and I just realized it has been one year since we adopted Frankenstein. Here are a few photos from the first week he came to live with us. He has gotten a lot bigger since then. It is hard to remember our life before Frankenstein. I think he feels the same way. Before he came to live with us he was on death row in a kill shelter with his mom and sister. When the rescue group saved him, they named him Big D. He was a 4 legged Oliver Twist! We are a happy little family now. So cheers to our first year together and here's, to many more! Happy anniversary Frankenstein!

Thursday, February 28

peel me

Truman is in a shedding cycle. She really appreciates it when I carefully relieve her of the dry skin around her eyes. Yes, even her eyelids shed. That is why she has been taking extra long soaks in the tub lately.

One Blue bird

Yesterday a huge flock of Starlings, Grackles and Red winged Black birds stopped by for a visit. It was pretty intense. They cleaned out the corn, water and seeds. Our regular birds went about their biz as if the cloud of black birds wasn't even there. If you look closely you can see a blur of blue in the lower left hand corner, it is one of our regular visitors, the Eastern Blue bird.

Tuesday, February 26

Globe 3 and beyond

The mold I ordered to cast my own globes with arrived today. It is a bit larger than the ones I have been buying ready made. I think I will start out with a half circle first. Onward!

Monday, February 25


The Waxwings have been around a lot lately. Here is a bunch drinking at the birdbath. If you look closely you can see the Yellow tips on their tails and red on the wings. Pretty birds!

Small things that make me happy

My zen potato makes me happy. You can see it in the background. I change out the potatoes when they get too rotted out. They are like bonsai trees, without the work. Since I was a little girl I have always set up still life studies, that are more like stories. There are two little figure's that I think of as Mr. Eleven and I. The pig, I found on the street in Berlin, and reminds me of travel and discovery. The feathers are from the yard. There is also a small birds egg I found in the yard for a dash of amazing blue color. Yesterday, I discovered the potato with the long tail hidden on the top shelf. Like a cute little mouse who came to visit, the little potato is now living on the display shelf. It makes me smile!

Globe 2

I have been in love with Reclining Woman by Fernand Leger for a while now. I love the colors and elegance of the work. In fact I have been planing on basing the colors in my dinning room on this painting. As you may notice the color was an influence on the blogs new look. It is also being introduced on globe 2.
It feels like Spring to me. Clear and fresh and new. Onward!