Tuesday, November 8

Last chance to walk thought the Monkey Garden

The Monkeys will be leaving the gallery November 15th. This Saturday there will be a gallery benefit and closing reception at the Eric Schindler Gallery. If you haven't been to the show yet this would be a great time to visit. I am looking forward to a final viewing myself.
Once the work enters the gallery it is all grown up, on its own, I am just the parent clumsily visiting with clean laundry and completely embarrassing. I feel very proud of my monkeys. I will be at the closing reception on Saturday, but don't come to see me, come for the happiness the monkeys bring. I am just a proud mum, er, artist, beaming with delight at how great they turned out, in spite of me.

Check out the cool write up in Style Weekly by Julie Geen. She, Kirsten and I had a lovely talk and she captured it nicely.

Onward Monkeys!!!