Friday, November 6

Happy Frankenstein Friday!

Happy Friday, sometimes it seems forever between Friday's.

First Friday tonight--be there!
--also check out the previous post for the Chair Affair info, reception starts at 6, tonight.

We love the Fall!

Tuesday, November 3

35/52 52 weeks

Yes that is me! It was fun being Mr.Eleven for Halloween. But scary too, every so often I would catch my reflection and think it was Kevin--that's a weird feeling. We don't usually dress up for Halloween but this year was so much fun we may have to make it a tradition.

I helped out at the Gallery on Monday, getting ready for another awesome First Friday opening. There is some really nice paintings by Chris Milk that I will share with you after the opening--joyful,fun and poetic paints (he calls them paints). I have a few paintings in the show left over from the last show--Tracey representing.

Also, this Friday The Chair affair is having a little preview of the Chairs and an opening reception but I can't seem to find the info for the event--I will before Friday. They only list the Auction info here

The sun is out and I have leaves to pick up!
OH and VOTE!--it's good for you!

update: The artists reception for the Chair Affair is at VCU Commons, VA rooms A,B and C.
Friday, November 6, 6-9pm