Friday, March 13

Frankenstein Friday

Happy Frankenstein Friday! As you can see, our hero is feisty and ready to play!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

....and a special welcome to the world to Hollis!

Thursday, March 12

watching the 5000 fingers of Dr. T again...

I have been watching The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T over and over again. I found this cool rundown of the plot and gerneral review here. The thing that most amazes me about the 5000 fingers is that before this year I had never heard of it. It is Dr. Seuss come to life and besides some of the musical numbers, it is perfect. I say that because each time I watch it, there are a few songs that I have to FF through...but it is worth it just the same. If only to see the piano...a huge room sized circular instermentment made for 5000 little kid fingers to play. The conjoined bearded twins or the silly hats the inmate/puples have to wear on their heads, that has a yellow hand sticking out of the top are must sees. This is a movie that needs to be acknowledged. Needs to be on the list of creepy-weirdness-fantasy-childhood education-not for kids movies, along with Forbidden Zone, The Wizard of Oz and every one of John Waters films. It is dark and visually surreal and I can't stop watching it. It is waking an inner voice, a dream/nightmare or place I can't quite remember but know very well. I predict I will be watching it again...

Wednesday, March 11

Hawks in love

Hawks in love
Originally uploaded by tracey st.peter
If you can't view proves that Love is the answer. About a half hour ago, I heard them calling to each other. I went out in the yard to find them in our tree canoodling (yep canoodling, just like the movie stars!) It is defiantly love.
He is sharing his favorite hunting spots with his new girl. They fly off together in the end....
Coopers Hawks in love....

ominous view of hawk in flight

Just in case you can't view the video here is a photo in the same vein. The video is not a great one, I took it yesterday. The camera work is shaky and the video is out of focus and it is exactly how I feel.

Half of the people I know are doing crappy, with a list of bad things piling up, like dirty laundry on Sunday. The other half is on cloud 9! Gaining ground in wonderful and enriching ways.

Like this lovely bird of prey. Brutally killing, yet lovely and flying over head in swooping circles.

Births, deaths new romance and dead is all happening on the World Ball! I am here watching from the ground just trying to keep it all in focus.


Tuesday, March 10

I saw a bee..

On Sat and on Sunday both, I saw a bee. Just one and he was buzzing around searching. This photo is from last summer. I haven't taken any photos in the yard I have been too busy. I have completely erased the old fenced in area from our yard. All the post have been removed from the ground. I also moved 4 azalea bushes and turned over the soil in all the back gardens. Mr. Eleven bought a chainsaw and cut fallen limbs all day Sat. While we worked Truman lay in the sun and Frankenstein made sure she stayed in line. It was a great few days of sun and getting stuff done...and I saw a bee! The peach tree is covered in pink blossoms, the forsythia are popping more yellow each day....
and I saw a bee!

Tracey Face Tuesday

I took 7 this week you can see them here. This bunch was inspired by a pair of old Wayfarer knock-off sunglasses. I think the photos were found stuck together and sandwiched between the pages of a high school year book from 1977.