Friday, February 20

Onward...oh yes..onward to Zoetropes!

It has been a week since WORLD BALL opened. It is time for me to switch direction. So I have been hiding in a safe place... the land of: Cleaning and Organizing. Right now it looks like a mess, but I am re organizing our Laundry/tool room. The people who lived her before us left me all sorts of neat things. Like the wire I made the Wire Bee-man drawings from. I have been finding all sorts of nifty gadget bits and pieces. I am placing them all in one box and it has a label: Tracey's Zoetrope.
Originally I wanted to make a Zoetrope for WORLD BALL. But I thought I would need a carpenter to help me. Then I ended up doing most of the carpentry by myself (except for the important first cuts: Shout-out to Jarvis!). Being all empower with carpentry skills, now I am ready to begin the Great Zoetrope Project!


Frankenstein Friday

Big Frankenstein and little ET, just hanging out.

Monday, February 16

I kind of missed Valentines day.... here is the best Valentines day posts ever!..Hail Tzar Ivan!

WORLD BALL weekend a thank you!

The show was a blast! Like a big hug from everyone. We had 100 deviled eggs and now we all know what that smells like (thank you Jarvis and White House Catering). A birthday girl and cake (happy birthday Seyla). Holly took some great photos. I took a few before the guest arrived. My friend June came and brought her awesome energy. But it wasn't just the show, it was a WORLD BALL weekend. Date girl flew in from NY and made everything better, she is the best, Judy Superstar ever. My friend Kinga also flew in from NY, we sat in the sun in the back yard all day Sat. and drank Mimosas, then visited Agecroft Hall on Sunday. Thank you to everyone! all rock!

more pretty flowers

Amy brought me these lovely tulips for the opening. My house looks like freaking Architectural digest with a gorgeous flower arrangement in each room!...except for the old crappy wall paper and unimpressive architecture. Flowers make Monday seem like Sunday!