Saturday, December 22

Moving leaves part II

I keep thinking about this image. I posted a similar view on Tuesday Dec. 18th. I can see it painted by Corot, with the light catching the leaves in mid air. Or after the fashion of Millet's The Gleaners. If I had a slightly different temperament I would paint this classic yet modern scene. But I do not, so, look at the photo and picture how nice it would be.

Friday, December 21


One thing I am going to miss about the Holidays is looking out my window and seeing Homer through the trees.

Frankenstein Friday

He is the fastest dog in the world!

Dog Globe

The globe is getting really cool looking. I have a great idea for the base. I want to take it off of the plastic one it is setting on now. There are some things to work out first. It is coming along!
I also started 18+19 yesterday. But nothing has developed there yet.
It felt great to finally get 16+17 down and on the clothes line!

What is in the back yard...

Almost no water in the fish pond! Frankenstein and I discovered the missing water this morning. I cleaned the filter and worked on the pump yesterday. Something must have happened then to create the problem, but I can't locate it. We rushed to get the hose and re-fill it. You can see the urgency on Frankenstein's face! It is filled now. I will keep checking it throughout the day.

Thursday, December 20

Thursday is Kick Ass Chick day

When I painted this one it was a record breaking, hot Summer. I was trying to use as little paint as possible, as thinly layered as I could. It was damn hot! I think I could have pushed this a bit farther. But I like seeing it at this stage. I like the flat ghostly quality it has. The earrings she is wearing are ones she created herself.

Wednesday, December 19

Wonder Woman Wednesday

That is the Duke of Deception who sits on the thrown of Mars. Lya will later organize the Martian Women to over throw him and clam her fathers throne for herself. Lucky for her he left his clay in the spaceship!

Tuesday, December 18

Moving leaves

The city came out to get the leaves, today. First a bunch of guys with blowers strapped on their backs moved all our leaf piles into the middle of the street. They looked like spacemen. Then the big equipment came in and made a huge pile about 8 feet tall. Then they scoped it all into a big truck. Pretty cool!

Birdman cards

Inside the cards I printed the word Rosebud. I used a cool blue ink on the prints and the word was printed in a combo of red and purple ink. I wanted it to feel cold and fragile. I like the idea of the Birdmen flying across the country bringing a simple message. A word. A word that symbolizes our deepest love, our most precious memory. Or as Mr. Eleven reminded me, of William Randolf Hurst's girlfriends lady parts!

Birdmen fly

The Birdmen holiday cards have reached their destinations. Here is a quick look at the process. As I have said before, I am no print maker. But I was feeling very nostalgic when I set out to make these cards.
I remember when I was very young my mom making block prints for holiday cards. I remember the clothes line strung up in the basement and all the cards hanging to dry. That memory got me going on this project.
Now that it is done, I am done with the holidays and ready to move on! I pulled 57 prints and 3 proofs...phew!
I carved a block of linoleum and printed on the shinny side of white rice paper. the shinny side looked like a snowy blizzard. When all the prints were laying on the table to dry it looked like the Birdmen were flying.
This got me thinking about animation and Zoetropes. So the next project is a zoetrope!

Monday, December 17

A Man for Monday

This is the second portrait I did of Jeff. The naked men behind him all jumping for joy were reminiscent of the figure's My adviser in Grad school used to draw. I had found out he past away right before I did this painting. Jan was on my mind as I painted this. But it was also about the shorts. Blue velvet shorts, I loved the color and texture of them. Then there is Jeff, gush, gush..Love Jeff!

More Murder Junkies

Such nice boys..
They Rocked! I am feeling balanced and ready to paint!

Murder Junkies in the House

My last post was embarrassingly sappy. I knew the Murder Junkies were coming to stay at our place this weekend. So I knew everything would balance out. Mr. Eleven was in the band in the 90's. If you don't know about them (sorry I still don't have the ability to link here)you can find tons of info, on line. Believe all the crazy things you hear!
I don't want to go into all the details, because if you are interested you should see one of their shows in person. Expect, a naked drummer and drumsticks going where no drum stick should! The woman who took these photos got up and cut herself with a razor blade while the band played behind her. It sounds horrid. But it was really sort of beautiful...contrasted by the music. But honestly the photos are ghastly! Hence I didn't post them. Mostly I love watching the angst filled kids go nuts. Release. I was smiling like a mom at her kids first ballet recital!
For me it has always been about the love. The purity of it all. Total acceptance, open mindedness the liberation that brings. They are family.
We had a big pancake breakfast and Frankenstein had a blast with all his Murder Uncles. That is me peeking out from behind Paul the singer. The house seems so quiet and empty now that they are on the road. They play in NY tonight.