Wednesday, May 23

Hola Monkeys! 

It has been a while since I posted here. Quiet Monkeys, my last solo art show was a great success. I have more images of the art from the show, that I will share with you soon. Sharing the artists process is a major mission of this blog. The seeds of ideas that come from the most unexpected and mundane places. The ebb and flow of creative energy. Navigating studio time and balancing it with everyday life. plucking a single thread of an idea and following it to a logical conclusion. After a major body of work has been completed, what is next? Where and how do you start the process again? I can tell you that some artists just keep on doing the same thing. The same idea, the same process the same work of art over and over. This is not the way of the Monkey! That is not how we roll. We Monkeys, strive to climb high and find ever greater vantage points. To seek new perspectives. Weaving new ideas into our quilt, into our overall body of work.

 I have been compiling a list of links to subject matter and images that are inspiring me, right now. These are possible directions for exploration. After searching for inspiring visuals, I am sure I want to continue the process of making paper mache sculpture, covered in encaustic wax. I am also considering a quilt and more encaustic paintings. To kick myself in the butt, I ordered crates of beeswax and paperclay. Let the process begin! Here is a selection of my current list of links, for inspiration:

 this is just a sampling of the list of sources for inspiration so far. I will keep seeking these seedlings of ideas and sharing them with you. ONWARD!