Friday, September 26

Frankenstein Friday

Big news: Frankenstein is going gray! His cute little black chubby cheeks are losing their color. He will be 2 years old in Oct. It seems like there are more white hairs everyday.
I posted a bunch of new Frankenstein photos and videos here. In them, he is digging in the collard green patch. He found a few Chipmunk tunnels out there and was hot on the trail. He dug and dug till he was out of breath. I finally had to just pick him up and remove him from the situation. I think he would keep digging till he passed out. If you listen during the videos he is panting really hard.
Happy Birthday Dad!

Wednesday, September 24

globe update....

Hopefully today will be the last day of work on this globe. I think I am just about done. A few minor things need to be changed and worked on. I am going to start out by adding some of the sky color to the big blue egg.

Fish update: I am still feeling horrible about killing the fish. On a happier note, yesterday I found that there are actually 4 survivors! One more than I originally thought. That made me feel a bit better. They are still in hiding and I don't blame them for that!

a cautious onward for today...

Tuesday, September 23


Frankenstein is still looking out the window with his hedgehog in his mouth.....

My fish fear me....

The remaining fish in the pond all 3 of them fear me now. I have gone in the pond once a week all summer, to remove the filter and clean it. The fish used to swim around my legs and sometimes even suck on my toes. Since Black Monday (actually it was Sunday) they are in hiding. When they saw me with the camera they quickly swam away and hid under a plant.
I don't blame them! I am a killer it is right that they shun me. Sometimes fish are pretty smart.


The Peruvian Purple Peppers are ripe! The cool thing about these peppers is that they start out black and when rip turn a deep ruby red. It is overcast here today so no direct sun light. But when the sun is out and shines on these peppers they really look like gems, like rubies. They are also super duper hot! They have a nice rich flavor like, Ancho Chile Pepper, only way hotter! I think their color helped me pull globe 5 together...insperational peppers!

globe update....

Things really came together yesterday on globe 5. The darkness of my own shame (for killing my lovely fish) and world events collided and helped push the focus of the globe to a head. The result is dark and poetic. It is not done yet...but very close. I have a working title for this one: When the Rat Guards the Egg. The elephant is walking on the rat in the top photo, the rat is also laying on the egg (kind of hard to see from the camera angle, but trust me he is guarding that big blue egg).
I am hoping to pull the remaining lose ends together on globe 5 today...
-I have had to slow my roll a bit, so it is a lower case 'onward' today. Seeing as my zeal for pushing forward has led to the senseless death of those in my care...I need to stop, breath a little then proceed with determination and thoughtfulness.

Monday, September 22

Black Mondy Part Two

Fish killer-do not trust this woman!..with your fish.
It is Monday and the last dead fish has been scooped from the pond. That horrid woman in the photo above killed them. She is now being labeled, The Richmond Fish Killer. Lets call it what it was, murder! Is this murder due to a 'senior moment'? Yes! An insider, we will refer to only as TBIH, revels to us, "she 'forgot' to turn the tap water off. She had just wanted to top off the pond". We have confirmation that indeed, if she had just added a little extra tap water, the pond water would have remained safe and the fish would be alive today. However, sadly, that is not the case. Her neglect, her hick-up in memory, over filing the pond with unsafe water, has led to the senseless killing of 7 fish. 3 survivors remain.
No disciplinary action has been taken in this matter. To date she is still in charge of the remaining 3 fish and pond care.
She is now calling for stricter regulations on all pond related activities. A complete flip-flop on her long record to the contrary on the issue. Can we trust this woman? Are the remaining fish safe?
In a statement, TRFK stated." I deeply regret this unfortunate situation". TBIH when asked to respond to this statement replied, "Ack! I need a beer". Then he took a swig, poured a little brew on the ground by the pond, 'here's to our dead fishes".