Tuesday, September 15

52 weeks 27 and 28 of 52

This Summer I have been calling my Summer of "Who Cares". It is a saying I picked up from SNL when they spoof, the ladies of the View, Joy Behar to be specific. Who cares!...it is a way to get past the BS and get to the root of things, for me. I could say, "I am over it"!..that is another popular saying these days. But I am, 'over' sayings too! I swear, it seems like half the folks out there are speaking strictly using phrases from a reality TV show phrases book..."I am not here to make friends" is a popular one....Arg! Seriously, this is a call to not sweat the silly stuff and focus on what is real.

It is now Fall according to my internal clock and that means getting down to business. Yesterday I laid out a game plan for the studio, what I would like to accomplish. Today I am working on a game plan for organizing my life so those things can happen. I am setting up an office in Truman's room, see that is me at my desk in her room (by the way she is healthy and happy and fat, the over head light makes her look too skinny).

Mr. Eleven and I joined Gold's Gym and are working on getting healthy. I am so proud of him, he has quit smoking and is 100% committed to meeting his health goals! Me too! I meet with a trainer later today. I am happy to be back in a gym, it has been a long time since I had a proper work out routine, (besides skating).

So here is the bottom line, I mess up a lot, but I keep trying and I work really hard, I get a lot wrong, but sometimes I get things right! That is what I am aiming for, getting it right more. So if I spell words wrong and write long run-on sentences, "Who Cares"!...If I say something inadvertently that pisses someone off, and they hold it against me, but won't tell me why...I say, Who Cares! I am not saying F'off, I am simply letting it go. My job is to do my best, to share what I learn and make strong art that communicates as clearly as possible. You can't do that when you are tide in knots. It feels good, try it some time, just say, 'Who cares", let go of any anger or frustration and move on!...

Onward Friends!

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