Friday, August 7

frankenstein's first look at the ocean

This video was taken last September. It just reached 507 hits on my flickr page. That is the most hits any of my photos has ever received. I would like to think it is because it is such a cute video, but I realize it may have more to do with the words: Nude Beach being in the description. In any case, I think it is super cute and since I haven't been to the beach yet this year it is a nice reminder of how great that feels. Hope you enjoy it...Happy Frankenstein Friday!

Tuesday, August 4

22/52 weeks

22/52 weeks
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The self portrait today is of me my dog and the fruits from my this case lots of tomatoes. Tomato sandwiches and salads rule! It is that time of year, The garden is paying us back for all the care we gave it this year.

I have big news today I have the date of my next solo show at the Eric Schindler Gallery, Oct. 2011. It's the future!..I expect we will all be driving flying cars by then and wearing Mylar suits. So friends, start making plans to be here for it....World Ball II! I may change the name by then...

The Summer is winding down...and I am gearing up! The last few months have been about getting reconnected. After a solo show you go though a period sort of like postpartum depression. But sucks to that! I worked it out in my garden, pruning rose bushes, nurturing seedlings, battling Virgina creeper (The most determined weed that ever lived, I swear it!). With the harvest of my big red ripe tomatoes I have found peace. I feel ready to get back in the studio and like the Bees who are working when I rise and still at it till the sun sets, it is time to work!


Monday, August 3

I just came across these awesome images from a group of Detroit photographers. Both beautiful and tragic, they tell the story of the state of my hometown as it is today. Mostly it is love.

I am still in Vacation mode, but feeling the bubbling urge to get back into the swing of things...I am for the record, working in the studio...closer everyday to sharing what I am working on...soon very soon, I promise.