Friday, February 15

Frankenstein Friday

Murp! I would rather be at Judy's party...

Art show tonight

Here is the front of the post card...
And the back..
I helped hang the show yesterday. It looks pretty cool. 19 artist in 2 room each with at least 2 works. I got to meet a few artists yesterday. It felt so good, like I belonged, like I was home. I never thought I would ever be able to say that!
If you are in the area come down and check it!

Thursday, February 14

Blue Valentine

I have had by far more blue Valentines than red, over the years. So here is to all the blue hearts out there!..Cheers! Tonight we cry in our beers!..I will be crying and drinking with Mr. Eleven...well maybe a little love'n will come my way. But please no teddy bears or red satin hearts!

Untitled Invitational

I dropped my work off at the Gallery yesterday. I am going to help hang the show today, the opening is on Friday. The painting is 9 of 100 from the hundred dresses series. I named the globe: One Day on Earth.

In other news, after voting on Tuesday we went out for lunch, where I was food poisoned! I am still feeling off. It was awful. I will never go to the River City Dinner ever again!

It feels great having the globe out of the house. Especially since it is going to be in a show. The new one is ready to start. I am also looking forward to seeing all the work and meeting some other artists. Onward!

Wednesday, February 13

Homemade suet

Jarvis' mom sent over a recipe for Homemade suet last week. It is super easy and the birds love it. It makes me happy when they chose the suet I made over the store bought kind. It is simply one part Crisco or lard (I used lard), one part peanut butter (I used no salt, natural, crunchy) put in microwave till it melts. Mix in corn meal till it gets thick. I also mixed in raw peanuts and raisins. I had an old suet package I used as a mold for my mixture. After filling the mold I put it in the freezer till it set up.
As I am writing this I can hear the birds squawking by the feeder. They keep fighting over Jarvis' mom's special recipe!

Tuesday, February 12


Today was our primary election. I was expecting long lines, but we just walked right in and there was no line. They told us it had been a steady flow but no lines all day. I am used to voting in NY, where there is always long lines and confusion. With a last name like St.Peter I was always getting put on a different list. Some time they filed me under Stpeter, or Saint Peter or Peter, St. But no problems today.
I was so excited when we got out, we got polled! Well it wasn't really a poll, it was a lady from NPR. She said she was collecting opinions. She asked what we though the most important issue is, and if we voted for who we started out routing for when this process started. She also asked who we voted for, but that was an extra question (she said she asked us because we were so wonderful and spoke so well, Ha! we fell for the flattery and answered the third question). So maybe if you listen to NPR you might here what we had to say.

Monday, February 11

What the heck is going on with the globe?

Well it has been a long road for globe number 2. The plaster I thought was the perfect solution fell right off the surface. In large sheets. It was like peeling a hard boiled egg. The problem with the globes is that they come with this horribly inaccurate raised topographic surface. I left it on the first one because I though it would bring attention to the surface. The idea of using the globe was partly to bring attention to a global view. But the bumps look more like bubbles under the surface, more like the worms from Tremors, than Mountain ranges.
So I though why not subtract the worm bumps instead of trying to build up around them. So sand, sand and sand some more, I sanded down into the cardboard. It looked really cool. I think a coat of clear glaze would have made a nice conclusion to this project. But I have other plans.
After all the sanding. I sealed the surface with an oil primer
coat. I still need to prime the very bottom. But it is looking clear and white and pretty close to perfect. You can still pick out a few latitude and longitude lines. But they won't compete with the paint. I am itching to start really painting!


Truman spent a lot of time running around the collard green patch.
The view from the porch swing chair. A great spot for reading and watching birds bathe.
I also did a bunch of gardening. I carved this secret tunnel through the Forsythia, Holly and Juniper bushes. All the shrubberies were grown into one thick mass. It is really neat, now. I laid out markers for a few new gardens too. I have big garden plans. It was hard to keep in mind that it wasn't actually Spring. We had a BBQ and sat around the fire pit late one night. We tried out lots of restaurants and found a few we like. It was a great break. But it is time to get back to work,

Back from our stay at home vacation

The weather was unseasonably warm for our stay at home vacation. We spent a lot of time sunning in the yard. Frankenstein kept busy eating pine cones digging holes and watching over the Lizard.
Things are getting ready to bloom. But it is February! This is not right.
Truman loved geeting some real sun light. She was one happy lizard this past week.

Pretty little yellow flowers dance around the trellis. We had a big wind storm yesterday and all the yellow flowers blew away. It got cold here again just as our vacation came to an end. Back to winter coats and morning frost. We are comforted by the return to Winter in February.