Wednesday, January 28

Still working on boards

It is too cold in the studio or on the back porch to paint these boards. Since Mr. Eleven is stuck in NY, I am taking advantage by totally dominating the house with my art. I am truly obnoxious, but it is really fun.
My boards sure are pretty.


frankenstein is chased by the cold

The yard is cold, covered in ice and very pretty. Frankenstein is a chugcicle but he waits till I give him the word to run back and jump through his dogie door.

Tuesday, January 27

photos for a cold Winter day...

I took this set of photos for a day like today. If you aren't getting snowed or sleeted on, you most likely soon will be. I hope these images help easy the chill.

cedar wax wings

cedar wax wings
Originally uploaded by tracey st.peter
Here is a view of the waxwing super party that took place here yesterday. Sorry for the creepy whispering! I am such a weird-O!

Invitational Group Show at the Eric Schindler Gallery RVA

Check it out, see the box on the table? It is full of postcards for WORLD BALL!
The amazing ceramic pieces on the table are by, Lisa Taranto, she also made the cool plate below
Sorry for the poor quality of these images, I brought my little camera, not my good one. Take these a indications about the work, because these photos do the work no Justus. Below is a lovely little painting by Tim Harriss. You should really see it in person, this photo tells very little about the painting.
This is one of about 6 hurricane lamps by Julie Elkins, the clay is very thin so when lit they are quite delicate.
I want this guy so much! It is reasonably priced and he is as they say "the shit"! Super cool, if anyone out there wants to buy a poor artist a gift....I would love this guy!
Squirrle by J Pocklington

I apologize to all the artsit and viewers out there...I know these photos suck! But I wanted to share as much of this as I could with y'all.

I will be mailing out postcards for WORLD BALL today. It is all so exciting!


Monday, January 26

Cedar Wax Wing poop is coverying my yard, in berry stained droppings

(I know not the best photo)

My computer is not cooperating today. I signed up for Facebook last night and now I can't log in. It is maddening! I have too much to do to fret about it. But I keep trying and it wont let me!...I keep a knock'in but I can't come it!...Oy!

The sounds of Cedar Wax Wings partying in my back yard woke me. There were about 50. They keep emptying out the water sources and pooping all over everything! But they are so pretty they can get away with it. Freak'in pretty people...and birds!

The Head is in NY. I have a ton to do for WORLD yard is poop stained and I can't say hello to my new facebook friends...oh woe is me! Time to drink some coffee, do something productive and stop being a baby!