Friday, June 6

camera shy fish

camera shy one is cooperating with me today!

Frankenstein Friday

We had just come home from our morning walk. It is super hot and humid out so we were both tuckered out. Frankenstein is looking for chipmunks, but in a more passive way then usual. He is very good at sitting for a still photo. When I try and take a video he sits still and stares at me. This is the best I have gotten of him so far, in motion. As soon as we can get a better short, we will post it, even if it isn't a Friday.
Happy Friday Friends!
Happy Birthday to my brother Brian!

Thursday, June 5

in progress...

I am priming and working on a new smaller globe. I have a flat square panel I am prepping. Globe 4 had a flaw on the top that I thought I could live with...but I just can't. So I am working on that too. I have another flat panel I am working on in the studio (not in photo). It is really in a good place, I just haven't taken a photo of it yet.

This morning I came across this. It just fascinates me. I am attracted to the Fat because of Joseph Beuys' work with it. It's name, The White Art...I don't know, it is just so weird and precious and gross all at once. I am also slowly slogging through, In the Name of the Rose by Eberto Eco, all about rare books, so... too many connections to ignore. The White Arts or 'Faart' are in my file,now.

The humidity has kicked in. Arg! I like painting in the super heat. It is so oppressive, yet I thrive in that. Well, until I get to woozy to stand up! I used to swim a mile 3 times a week, I loved the feeling of sweating under water. Painting in the studio in the humidity, is like that. I guess it is like a sweat lodge, you transcend your space...or you just get woozy. In any case I like it.
I am drinking lots of homemade ice tea and lemonade....onward!
For more info and images of Joseph Beuys click Joseph Beuys .

Wednesday, June 4

Tranny flash back...

El Baracho and the Tijuana Trannies! Our dear friend Rachael sent these to me this morning. I haven't seen these since they were taken a long long time ago. The Trannies were a short lived local Williamsburg band. I wish I could remember everyones Tranny names, if anyone remembers them please let me know...I can only come up with Cha-Cha
lovely ladies!
Yep, that is me, getting Woody's, school girl pig tails just right!
Lets rock!

Monday, June 2

Chug in motion

I keep trying to catch Frankenstein singing with his squeaky toy. I haven't got him yet. The funny thing is when I play this little clip back he goes crazy! if a chipmunk were in the computer screen. This is my first try at a video, so bare with me, they will get better!

Sunday, June 1

Check it out...

I got a flicker page and am in the process of putting images of my work on it. There is also a link at the upper right side of this page. Yippy!