Wednesday, March 18

I have a hegit

Hegit is what we called head aches when I was a kid. Yesterday was a bear, like it felt like a bear was in my head, fighting with another bigger bear! So I am a day late on Tracey Face Tuesday. I am going to keep this short too, because looking at the computer screen hurts. makes the bears angry!

You can check out the rest of week 4 Tracey Face Tuesday portraits here. The theme on week 4, is a girl and her dog. The dog has a little man living in him. It is like a situation comedy, he has a grumpy old man voice and says sarcastic things about me but I can't hear them, I just see the cuteness.

Monday, March 16

Spring Rain

New seeds of hope. The Big Irish Head has delicious recipes all planned out for these guys. They are off to a good start with two straight days of rain.

Each day brings more yellows and purples...
The colors of Spring in my back yard reminds me of some old 50's post cards. I would never pick these colors to go together. But in nature in my yard, it is lovely.

I planted in the rain. The soil was perfect. I was a bit late, but the season is long and forgiving here. Each hour that went by the colors in the yard got richer, greener and stronger. We are off to a great start to the growing season...I can almost taste the egg plant parmigiana!