Thursday, September 18

progress report...

I put in a full day of work on the globe yesterday.
This little globe.
So small, so fragile and yet full of life.
Like an egg.

I have a long way to go...but working the surface is an amazing experience. I was thinking yesterday that these images are like pages from a great book..out of order and scattered around me..I am picking up handfuls of pages..and deciphering them. Translating them into my own language, a visual recounting.... Ones mind wanders when excavating the globe...

Wednesday, September 17

What is going down in egg town...

Egg tempera globe is coming along. I think the photos do a pretty good job of showing the eggy texture of the surface. Once the painting part of the process is finished I can buff the surface with a soft cloth.
It is a super slow process. Not one that would normally suit my nature. But I am doing this my way. Traditionally one would work out all the colors and systematically layer them to get a desired effect. I am a more spontaneous painter and thinker, so that is how I am playing this. It is a nuanced process requiring major decisions to be made along the way.
After painting all day yesterday with egg. This morning when I got up the last thing in the world I wanted for breakfast was eggs! Smelling yoke all day has put me back on a morning diet of bagels and lox!

Tuesday, September 16


Finally! I am in the studio today. By studio I mean Kitchen. I have all my tools in place and am ready to roll. The eggs have been boiled and are waiting to be to speak. I will try not to complain too much. We hates the whinny artists!..especially when it is us!

Monday, September 15


Well, I can't find the recharger for the here is an old illustration..but a fitting one

I still have home crap to catch up on, lots of yuck work ahead of me today

I feel like I will never get back to my work...and it is driving me crazy!


Ah, but we did have fun this past weekend!
check out some photos from The Queen of Art Photography in Richmond. I was planning on going down and taking more photos of the show and talking about it, later this week. But, the way things are going, it may not happen. I need to yesterday!


I am very frustrated today!...but when has that stopped me?

..this is just a bump in the road

..I am on the right road...!


One more time: It is a new dawn a new day a new life for me...
and I am feeling good!
OK, that is better..