Friday, June 13

Globe 4 Update...

The blue is deeper...
Sponge Bob is now a nice gray...
the horse and rider look like they are are going much faster the wind...
Is it done? Not sure yet, but I am digging it...Onward!

More Frankenstein Friday......

I was playing back the singing chug clip, Frankenstein became inspired by his own voice. He ran and retrieved his toy snake from it's secret hiding place. The snake was my gift to him from New Mexico, he loves it. After we eat our popcorn each night he celebrates by bringing Mr. Snake down to the family room. He shows off by folding it in half and teasing us with his most prized possession. It is mine you can't have it! know you want it!

Small painting...

I was feeling a bit frustrated last night. I felt like I hit a wall with the paintings, I spent way too much time during the day reading deranged political crap and drained most of my energy grocery shopping. Rather than go out and see RPG rock last night and visit with people I really like..I stayed home to paint. It was a hard call but I knew I had to work.
I kicked ass! The small square is done and I am so happy with it. Now I can see what needs to happen on the half globe. Sometimes you just have to stay home and do your homework, sometimes it is better to go out and rock. Last night I did what I had to.


I have been trying to catch this for so long! My baby is a star! This is by far my favorite Frankenstein Friday ever!...Cheers!

Slow your roll...

This is just a reminder, slow your roll. I keep getting sucked into reading endless political comments on stories about the election...this makes my head explode! We all get stressed out about the things in our lives we can not control. So here is a reminder, it is Friday, click it down a few notches and do like the Lizard and Chug...just breath.

By the way, I apologize for the baby talk! I hate it, but I dare you to try and talk to the Chug with out falling in to it a widdel bit.

Frankenstein Friday

Hey, Moon-pie! He is a bit out of breath because he was searching for Chip Monkey's, just before, he ran to greet me.

Tuesday, June 10

Small painting...

I have been working on this one in the studio. It isn't 'there' yet and I can't really paint out in the studio in this heat. It isn't the heat that bothers me, it's that it makes the paint dry too fast. So, I am going to try and finish it in the kitchen studio. For now it is hanging in my living room. I think I need to see it in a new space before I can go back into it. I liked it in the other space but now, I am not so sure....onward!

globe 4

It is wet but I believe done! Yes, that is Sponge Bob peaking out from behind the eggs.
The dome color came from the egg shells I have been finding in the yard and keep in the kitchen. Check out the painting of Heather in the dinning room, you can kind of see it in the first photo. It has the same blue and yellow colors.
For some reason I keep flashing back to our neighbor's kitchen when I was a kid when I look at this. They must have had plates or something in the kitchen with the same blue, yellow and white colors. In any case, very 60's.
When it is dry and less shinny I hope to get better photos.

Monday, June 9

More awesome street art...

...more awesome street art, here.

Truman in the Grass

Frankenstein and I stalk Truman as she takes a stroll around the yard. By the way, it was about 100 degrees out, at the time.

Baby birds..

Waiting for breakfast. There are 4 baby Robins in the nest in our Virginia Creeper Vine, on our patio. Earlier this Spring, I was about to do battle with the vine we nick-named, Side Show Bob, (it looks like Side Show Bob's hair from the Simpson's). But I saw that a Robin was building a nest in it. Now there are hungry little babies in side show Bob. They are so young they don't even peep yet. They heard me and thought I was mom with a yummy treat for them. She showed up soon after. They keep her very busy! I love the barely there sprouts of feathers on their heads.