Friday, May 29

just hanging out

just hanging out
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...on Frankenstein Friday! He lays like this with his legs splayed out after a good run...chasing Chipmunks in this case.

Wednesday, May 27


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Week 14 of's a scary one, two Tracey's....yikes!

Spring into Summer...

We hung up lights off the patio. It makes it seem extra special out there now. We threw a little party here on Sunday. It was nice.

Monday morning Kevin fixed us an awesome breakfast, lox for me and sausage patties for him.

We grew our first strawberry, but some critter got to it first. I nabbed the second strawberry yesterday and it was delightful!

It is chipmunk season and Frankenstein has been working overtime trying to land his first kill. He brought out his stuffed squirrel the other day. I think to intimidate the chippies. He almost got one this morn, if only he could climb trees! Drat foiled again!

I missed my self portrait yesterday...yikes!...I think I will give myself a grace period of the rest of the day today to take one. I will post it promptly.

So it is time to switch from Spring 2009 to Summer 2009...get used to it: SUMMER.

In NY that meant the Mermaid parade at Coney Island, riding the cyclone and Wonder Wheel. Meeting up with everyone at Ruby's for a few beers. Walking down the boardwalk, taking in the view from the ocean. This was always my favorite part of the day. Making the walk from the boardwalk to the water. Swimming out a bit then turning to see the amazing site from the water...I can see it now when I shut my is love.

This will be our 3rd Summer in VA. I am not going to lie it is not easy starting over when you are an oldster like myself. But VA is all about Summer! I can't wait to go to Virgina Beach again. Mr. Eleven will be fishing as much as possible. My gardens will keep me busy visually as well as manually. The colors will delight and the frogs and crickets will sing an ever louder song till the cool nights of late September. I may be a newbie, but I have a feeling this Summer is going to fill me with images that all I have to do is close my eyes and no matter where I am... I will be here....
there is that and I have an unopened Slippy Slide that promises all the Summer joy you could ever want on the box illustration. I think it is way better unopened. But who knows when it hits 90 degrees out with 200% humidity, you might spot an old lady and her Chug playing on a slippy slide in my back yard.

onward into Summer....

I tried to link to some mermaid parade photos in the post but it is acting funky..try here.