Thursday, March 17

Onward Monkeys

A few weeks back I hung the mask on this wall rather than the one I have been hanging it on in the studio. It was then I saw the Masks sources of inspiration, where else but on my meager inspiration wall. The clown is an image I have held dear since grad school back at EMU in the mid 80's. I did countless portraits of myself as this clown. He is also Wattues Prerrot, another life long theme/subject for me. I see the color inspiration in the flower face cut out and the transparent quality for the tracing paper. I had no clue till I hung the mask up that there was a reason he felt so familiar. I added more color as you can see in the finished mask below, hanging over the Monkey Bowl.

Here is a detail from a small monkey painting. I first painted it in Milk Paint, let it crackle, then used encaustic wax to bring it all together, it is pretty cool. It has a lot of transparency you can't see here, that is extra cool!

The reaching up Monkey is slowing coming to life and he has 3 friends. The gourd monkeys each have a set of removable Micky Mouse ears.

I actually have a few more new Monkeys, but I have been so absorbed with my sweet Bella I haven't caught up on all the art documentation.

It never seems so relevant: Onward Monkeys!

I say it to Bella, I say it to myself, I say it to you, keep your head up and keep moving forward!

Onward Monkeys!

No more Cancer!

The vet called me first thing yesterday morning to tell me that Bella's biopsy came back and there are no more cancer cells! She had Mast Cell Cancer, the vet successfully cut it out! Yay!

Unfortunately the stitches wrap around Miss Bella's front leg and they are not healing like they should. I am doing my best to keep her from moving, but it is tuff. I may have to take her back to the Vet in the morning if she keeps aggravating the healing process. Needless to say I am still holding my breath.

The day of the surgery I did this small lino cut for Bella. I plan on offering it up for small donations towards her vet bills. I will attempt to do printing this weekend, so stay tuned for that. Signed dated and numbered artists print for "cheep money", and a great cause.

Yesterday after our good news we all celebrated in the Spring sunshine.

Frankenstein is super happy his sister is feeling better.