Friday, July 23

Monkey Bowl paper mache=delicious

A word of warning, do not leave your paper mache unattended in the presence of a Pug!--Bella!! I am adding a paper mache layer to the Monkey Bowl and got up to rinse my hands off. A few seconds later I found Bella lapping up the paste! Luckily it is just flour and water. There is a good reason I am working in non toxic materials--her name is Bella.

Onward Monkeys!

Monday, July 19

Monkey, Monkey, Hare

Here is a pictorial of the creation of the Standing Monkey, Seated Monkey and Hare. The project started on May 18th and ended on July 18th. I worked on them constantly during that time.

Onward Monkeys!

Monkey-Horse a look back...

I posted a little pictorial on the Monkey-Horse. I finished the other 3 sculptures and wanted to make sure I had good documentation on this one, before I go forward. Like cleaning house, getting ready for a new season, I needed to do this. I will create a pictorial for the Hare and Monkeys next.

One thing I wanted to get across is how long the process is. I don't think I accomplished that. It still looks like a few easy steps. But I have to question why I feel this need to let people know how hard it is to create things from nothing. I see similar pictorials by other creatives and they say, step one, step two and step three, you are done. I get so frustrated by this easy as pie attitude. You have to make choices constantly and they can't be photographed. It is this intense struggle, creation. Painful yet rewarding, I want to share that. It seems important to me, to understand, in order to appreciate art.

When I was at the Museum (the new addition to our Fine Art Museum in Richmond is spectacular!, more on that later), last week, I noticed how quiet it was in the galleries, all you could hear were gasps and hushed "OH WOW"'s. It made me so happy to hear this background sound, as I wondered through the amazing new spaces. It is the sound of people connecting and "getting it". It is the sharing of our humanity. They may or may not be thinking I bet this took a long time, this must have been hard. But they are experiencing it.

So there I go answering my own question. My job is to make those decision and make my statements strong enough to illicit an "oh wow". Not to make you feel my pain!

Onward Monkeys!