Wednesday, August 25

What's up Wednesday

I have been trying to post a view of what is going on in the studio each Wednesday. Today I have a new painting to share. It is small, 9x12 and painted with Milk Paint on wood then sealed with Sweet Orange Oil. It was my first attempt at a Milk Paint painting. I like working with Milk Paint, but each time I stray further from Oil Paint I feel I am actually pulling myself closer to coming back to it. Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

I started painting the Monkey Bowl, this is just the first coat of many. Adding color to sculpture completely changes how I see the piece and relate to it. It completely changes everything, leaving me to wonder how will it all end. I do love the Mickey Mouse ears! One thing I am sure of-- the little man is going to have red underpants...

Onward Monkeys!