Wednesday, October 29

Armsies the Monster and friends

..sorry about the glare...this is Armsies the Monster, it was drawn by Angus. Good friend of Frankenstein and all around great kid! I traded a sculpture Beeman with his super cool mom for it. Armsies is hanging in my living room with the rest of the work for my show. It is something for me to aspire to. I absolutly love it and strive to make work so direct and powerful. Armsies makes me very happy!
Here are the square paintings as they hang, in my livingroom. I just got 2 new square panels, the same size, that will need to be primed and sanded before I can paint on them.
Here is another look at 4. It is dry now and less glarey than before. The color is very differnt than the first 3. But isn't that like Fall? All of a sudden there are these rich colors you don't see the rest of the year, and they only last for a few weeks befor, you have to rake or blow the dead color reamins to the curb. These colors make me want to eat cookies and wear TBIH's sweaters. Armsies!

Tuesday, October 28


This is why Frankenstein isn't allowed out in the yard without a chaperon! We just went out back for some air. A huge Hawk whooshed by my face, flying low. I couldn't tell what type it was but it was big, real big, with some light reddish brown feathers. Frankenstein and I found a nice sunny spot in the yard, it was so peaceful. My heart rate was almost back to normal. Then I looked down and saw this! The bottom jaw is gone. I am hoping the Hawk comes back for his, lunch. I would rather not have to deal with it. No yard time for the Chug, for a while...yuck!

Update: He came back, or I should say she. It is a female Circus cyaneus or Northern Harrier. She dragged the squirrel behind some flowers and is in the process of ripping it apart. She is gorgeous!
I am very curious to see what if anything she leaves behind.

color as nutrution

During the time I was working on this globe TBIH and I took a day trip to Philly. I spent most of my day, in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I reawakened my love of Indian Miniature paintings. After the visit I spent hours looking at the Museums image base . I don't think I completely pulled off what I was going for, but I like the idea of pursuing this avenue.
Yesterday I heard from an old pal I know from my life in Brooklyn. Nina, sent me a link to her photo stream and it blew me away! She travels around the world and takes the most amazing photos...the color is breath taking. I am so inspired...I can't wait to get another painting started and attempt to tap into the rich color, for inspiration. Color as nutrition...yummy!

Also, TBIH linked The Hundred Dresses Project to my web site, last night. That means, by going to : http.// you will be directed to the blog, THDP. Over the next few weeks I will set up the web site, with images of my work. It will be stuff I have posted here and on the photo stream, only no Chug, bees or Big Irish Heads...just art.

I just spoke to Kirsten Gray from The Eric Schindler Gallery, we are setting the date for my show. I am 90% sure it will open on the second Friday in Feb....that is Friday the 13th...spooky..I love it..and can't wait! I will let you know when the date is officially confirmed.


Monday, October 27

Happy Birthday Blog

Saturday was the blogs birthday. I finished the small square painting 4, on that day. Over breakfast,while TBIH was eating a bagel and reading the paper. It is sometimes a real drag trying to maintain concentration painting in the heart of in the house, the Kitchen. On Saturday, It all came together in the best way, over bagels and coffee.

For years I have longed to paint a Fall painting, with the colors of the season...this one happened with out me trying. I think that is the only way it can happen and be real.

I have been thinking about the year, for the blog, what I have learned the what has happened, the highlights...but now that it is the actual day, I got nothing. Just like my birthday, nothing. Just another day. I am not feeling nostalgic, nor wise, or very wordy for that matter. I am just feeling like I need to keep working, in pictures....I am in a visual faze...

So Happy Birthday Blog!
What time is is?
Time to make some art!