Friday, May 21

Frankenstein Friday

It is a lovely day here in RVA--too bad our annual Summer kick off BBQ is tomorrow. Of course they are predicting rain. But no worries, we have lots of indoor space. If so and folks chicken out, I will still be happy--how could I not be, just look at my boys--It's always a party around here!

I have a few new art projects started. I tend to promise to share them--then fall short--but that is about to change. I see good things just around the corner!

A lovely weekend, rain or no rain, to all!


Wednesday, May 19

New work

New work by Tim Harriss at the Eric Schindler Gallery May 14--June 22, 2010--in a word, wow! Tim's show opened this past weekend with a bang. A powerful bold new group of paintings that not only are clear and crisp but have roots in his older work. Those familiar with his paintings will recognize characters from his earlier paintings--but this time they are filter through a pulp fiction noir sensibility. In short POW-Bang-Zowey out of the ball park! See more here.

Also new photos from Joe DeRoche show at the Eric Schindler Gallery that took place April 16th --May 11, 2010 in the same set. Check them out too, very interesting stuff, inlayed resin using old makeup containers.

I am working on new work too--stay tuned.