Wednesday, December 22

Oops no eye holes

Monkey mask! I forgot to put holes in for eyes so it isn't a proper mask, but I am calling it one just the same. It needs ears but is getting very close to color time. I am thinking of using the colors/markings of a Cedar Wax Wing bird for him. I have been lucky to have Wax Wings come and visit my bird bath recently, each morn a small flock ring the birdbath. I think the encaustic will enable me to get the yellow and red wax of the waxwing just right!


Monkey Ball

Monkey Ball! He is coming along and a bit further along than seen here. It is a slow process of sanding, adding new clay then drying and sanding again. I have plans to use broken mirror to mosaic the ball part of Monkey Ball. The monkey will be painted and sealed with encaustic.

Onward Monkeys!

Back up and running!

We are back! I had a bit of computer trouble but I have been as busy as an elf!

Bella and Frankenstein have been enjoying long naps in the the best sunny spots the house has to offer. Also playing in what is left of the snow.

Truman is in heat, so I hooked her up with a portable mirror, now she has a lizard buddy to hang out with on her perch. You can't see it in this photo but she also has a new plush rug on her perch, it is very fur like. She loves soft furry surfaces!

Over view of some of the monkeys. Check out the Monkey Ball in the corner, he is coming along and looking good!

onward Monkeys!