Friday, December 28

18+19+20 details


Here is where I left things yesterday. Wonder Woman escapes! I was really happy when I finished painting. But, I didn't sleep last night fretting about it. Crisis time! Don't think I will get to paint today, I will face it tomorrow. Either I will kill it or leap over this hurdle! I am at a crossroad, it could go either way. Something in me is telling me, I am heading in the right direction. Stay tuned: same Bat time same Bat chanel...or I should say: Wonder-time, Wonder-chanel!

Frankenstein Friday

Artsy Chug

Thursday, December 27

Thursday is Kick Ass Chick day

When I painted this one it was all about romance. Amy and I had a nice conversation about all things romance when she came to sit for me. Now all I see are boobs..and nips too...Oh my! There is also a dignity, strength and toughness there, that is all Amy...she'll kick your ass!

Wednesday, December 26

Truman is in heat. It happens about once a year. She gets restless and roams the house looking for Lizards. I found her on Sunday straddling the heat register in her room. Since Frankenstein still feels he needs to jump on her and bite her head, she doesn't get to roam like she used to.
She has no indoors cage. She has a perch with a ramp, out of puppy paws reach. she never comes down because of our little monster. But her hormones have been compelling her to search. We had a few dog on lizard scrambles before I realized she was out sexing, or trying to. Now, I have the door closed to her room. Yesterday I found her on the bed, sunning. She likes soft blankets and the warming sunlight.
Frankenstein is now a teenager. His hormones are also on the rage. He wakes up and soon after, I hear his toes tapping on the wood floor. He looks at his rear end in shock as it starts doing the Humpty Dance. Thump-thump! He has spurts of crazed energy, erratic behavior and talks back, like all teens do.
Mr. Eleven is sick. He won't admit it but he is doing the DayQuil, NyQuil cocktail rotation. He is stuffy nosed and puffy faced. Way too sweet and nice to not be sick.
I just want to get back to Black Wonder Woman, in the studio. But for now, I am Nurse Tracey.

Wonder Woman Wednesday

Oh my...what a thick club!

Tuesday, December 25

Pileated Woodpecker

He is the Woody Wood Pecker of wood peckers. He is shy and rarely seen. I read that they drum on hollow branches and chimneys with their beaks to announce territory. Well he owns our pine tree! He pounded the bark right off. It is nice that this shy guy came for a visit.
The Wax Wings and Blue Birds are in the birdbaths. These flashes of color, that could easily be missed. swoop and rest, creating patterns and then they are gone.
Homer is gone already. Slowly over the next two weeks the hard plastic baby Jesus and wire frame light up deer will also disappear from yards. Except for a few folks like our friends neighbor who will have a row of three foot high light up candy canes on their lawn till August. Or maybe this year they will stay up till next December.
I prefer the rare glimpse. Like the Moon and Mars the other night. You have to look up to see it. I can look out and see some birds in the yard. Or I can focus and see cadmium yellow tips on wings, a patch of red belly or dusty blue feathers. But, I am going to miss seeing Homer through the trees too!

Monday, December 24


We are having incredible weather here in Richmond. It was 60 degrees out yesterday and it looks like it will be the same today. Great painting weather. After painting in the cold for the last month it felt great. I don't want to go too far with this one. I like what is happening and the color is good. I am hoping to pull it together in one more strong session. My idea is to add another panel today. 18+19+20...and so on. I like the idea of it being a continuous painting. Like a comic strip.


And so it begins...

A final look at 16+17

They finally made it to the clothes line. I really am fond of this one. It is the friends and family remember where you came from painting. Now it is time to shake things up and move some!

A Man for Monday

This is the third portrait I did of Jeff in his pretty blue shorts. I like this one for its economy. It breathes. Once again, there is Jeff!