Wednesday, December 29

The kids are alright

Queen Bella

Bella looking at me and Frankenstein looking out the window

Frankenstein still looking out the window

Truman ignoring a piece of mango and me, with one eye, with the other, she sees everything!

Happy New Year Everyone,
check in next year for more Monkeys, Monkey Faced dogs and Truman too!


Super duper Monkey Ball

small seated Monkey and small monkey head

Monkey Mask with no eye holes has ears now!

Monkey Ball getting closer

Detail Monkey Ball

I just discovered that Monkey Ball is in fact a video game, called Super Monkey Ball. I still like the name.

Holidays come and go but this elf just keeps on working! It seems like I have been working on these pieces forever. But progress sometimes comes in small victories, like one ear then a day later the other.

onward Monkeys!