Friday, June 27

Happy girl!

I found this little dog bed I had picked up for the Chug a while back. He never took to it. I found it in a closet just the other day. I thought Truman would like this. Sure enough, she loves it! She absolutely loves to be in a soft fluffy bed. She fiddles with it till she gets it just right then settles in with a big lizard smile. There is nothing more relaxed than a cozy lazy lizard!


Every few days I find another corn stalk cut off at the base. As if a mini Paul Bunion sneaks out at night with mini babe and mini ax to cut my corn down! I think it must be those evil vengeful chipmunks, but the adorable little baby bunnies could be the culprit also.
I had to take some photos, because at this rate there may not be corn in my garden much longer.

Frankenstein Friday

He loves his new covered tunnels!

Thursday, June 26


This is the Chug's mug shot. Yesterday I was busy working in the garden and not paying attention to what Frankenstein was up to. At one point I looked up and saw him pushing dirt with his nose by a clump of flowers. When he pushes dirt with that much focus and deliberate care, I know it has to be a very prized thing he has buried. I waited till he was off in another part of the yard to investigate. Sure enough, I moved some of the top soil from his pristine mound. A few fluffy strands of fur that could only be attached to one thing...chipmunk tail! Most likely a whole chippy, I didn't dig that deep. I didn't have the heart to dig it all the way up. Mr. Eleven and I are now wondering how many bodies are burred in the yard. What is the ugly secret that lies below my lovely garden. Jarvis keeps saying it is natural selection. We kind of feel like we are living with a serial killer! But, I love him...isn't that what all the enablers say...But I love him! Such a bad ass criminal!

Let there be gardens!

I am a big fan of street art and well just going for it! Check out these little corners of the world. Plant without approval!...No rules!...onward!

Wednesday, June 25

Summer Vacation...

This Saturday is the first day of Mr. Eleven and I's stay at home vacation. Sat. we have chartered a fishing boat and will spend the day hopefully pulling in Bass. We have other day trips planned for the rest of the week. But each night we will be at home, with Frankenstein and Truman. We are looking forward to no computers (even no O Game for the Big head, I hope!) and lots of relaxation!
I wanted to take this time to say Happy Anniversary to my folks! I believe 47 years of wedded bliss, wow! Also, Happy Birthday to my mom...don't worry I will call too!

green and growing...

our first cucumber of the year is on its way...
fat heathy tomatoes...
Basil, sage and more tomato plants are getting stronger everyday.

Hungry Truman...

She just wants to have a quiet meal. I am a jerk for shoving a camera in her face at such a time.
When Truman shakes her head up and down it means back off!..I want to be alone. Can't a lizard eat in peace?!

Bees working...

another one down...

Another one of our awesome pine trees bit the dust (we had another one killed and removed last Fall). Southern Pine Beatles killed it. It went really fast. The tree service took the over 75 foot tree in the blink of an eye. This is all that was left.
It took me all day but I dispersed the mulch and chips in the garden. How about these cool tunnels for the Chug to laze under and run through?! They, like his Big Sod Dog Doghouse stay cool even in the hottest of weather. I am going to plant some flowers on top to get a root system going, for stability.

spider web

This spider built an amazing web over our pond.
There is the perfect web on top and under is a second less organized looking web. Pretty neat!