Friday, December 14

Friday fog

I woke up and saw the solid white out my window and thought of snow. But it turned out to be fog. I love walking in the fog, in the city in the country in my hood. The air is moist and feels like a thick enveloping coat. A cloud blanket.

I have been hearing rumblings of energy from my friends who have finished their Fall semester of school. Some are teachers and some students. But all of them, are boiling over and doing all the things the weight of the end of semester prevented. The fog of school has lifted and a window of freedom has opened up.

There is also the fog of the season. The food and drink and must see events that cloud our path. I watched the movie White Christmas for the third time this week. I wait all year just to see those colors and hear Rosemary Clooney sing! I get lost in the browns and slate blues, cerulean feathers and red velvet gloves. When it finally snows in the end, I cry every time!

It is comforting and mysterious. It is a cloud too near the ground. Yet it will pass. For now, for today, I welcome this fog. Maybe only because I know, it will lift and be gone. The starkness that follows is both exciting and unknown. I welcome that too!

Frankenstein Friday

Mr.Eleven took this while we were sleeping. He thought it was hilarious that my puppy had his paws on my boobs!

Thursday, December 13

Dog Globe

He is looking pretty spiffy. I think it is time to rotate the globe and start a new image.

16 +17

They are still wet and shinny but I think they are ready for the clothes line. It is time to get 18+19 started! Onward!

Thursday is Kick Ass Chick day

Here she is the lovely Miss. Heather. Heather on the half shell. When I painted this she was going through some hard times. I painted her, adrift on Venus' shell. The angels seem to be messing with her. But, I think they were also guiding her, just in a playful way. Remember if you find yourself lost at sea on a shell, bring a Crona along!

Wednesday, December 12

Tuesday, December 11

In the studio

All this Holiday stuff, has taken me off course. It has been a nice detour. Eating cakes and making crafts. But it is time to get back to work! Today I head back to the studio. All the cards will get mailed today. I will post photos of the cards and process, once they reach their destinations. What a relief it will be to put them in the mail slot!

It seems like years since I last painted. It is time. I am hungry for paint! I have had my fill of sweets and fluff!

Monday, December 10

It is hot

It is 70 degrees outside. It is kind of disorienting. I still have to finish up the holiday cards, but it feels like Summer. The lizard is out in the yard, sunning herself. The fish are swimming near the surface in the pond. They can only eat when the water temp is above 50. Today they will feast.

A Man for Monday

I painted two portraits of Jeff. I have both of them hanging in my home. This one has a Milton Avery feel to it. I don't know if I captured the warmth and truly wonderfulness that is Jeff. But I feel it everyday, living with the paintings. Memory combined with paint equals good energy.