Friday, May 7

Frankenstein Friday

The littlest Murph! Mr Frankenstein hurt his back while I was off line. It was super scary. One day without any warning he was just sad and trembling, barely able to walk, his eyes were dull and he would scream if you tried to touch him. It seemed like he wasn't long for this world. I had a bad experience taking him to the vet. They basically just said after only looking at him that he hurt his back and we don't treat pain. It was awful. They were right, but it didn't feel right, the way they went about it. I nursed him and stayed by his side like he did for me when my back was out. I am happy to say he is 100% back to the happy little boy we know and love! He has a new vet too! Yesterday he was hunting Skinks in my studio--they are these little lizards with an electric blue colored strip down their tail. Ah--life is good!


mini vacation

Our friend Andy and his Band The Master Plan came down and Played a show in Norflok VA. Mr.Eleven and I turned the event into a mimi vacation. They rocked! It was so great to see them play and it really helped me get over my art slump. It reminded me that in a visceral way what it is all about. Why I do what I do.

A few weeks earlier the band Mr.Eleven played with in NY, The Brought Low came down for a show With RPG here in RVA (sorry no photos, I was having too much fun to take um). To clarify these are 3 of my favorite bands in the world, they are all my friends and they are carrying the torch. It is the job of real musicians and artists to find and to pass on the art, the energy, and they do! So I had already had the sense Rocked back into my head! But this made it clear. These guys are Rock legions they live and breath it--they are it. When the music starts everyone is transformed it is art. It is why we do it--it is life! Yay! It is nice to be reminded of that.

Here we are in our hotel room. I love staying in hotels. Our room overlooked the river. What a view, we could see this view if you looked one way--

And this if your looked the other.

If you looked straight ahead we had a view of the hot tubs in the pool area. It was so cool sitting out side in the hot tub looking over the industrialized water front, as the sun set on little boats in the river. I felt like I was in a resort behind the iron curtain, in the 80's.

Our little trip was a big F-ing deal as our friend Mr. Biden would say. It rocked our sox off! It set me back on course. It reminded me of something and made me come to a new conclusion. I am doubling down on Humanism! In NY Humanism in art was a dirty word. But as I just said, It's a big F-ing deal, sometimes you need to use dirty words! What do I mean by this--stay tuned and you may just find out.


52 0f 52!

Finally! I am back. It has been a frustrating few months for me. Between back problems my computer kicking the bucket, learning to use my new computer and the most frustrating of all trying to get back into my Flickr account. Arg!

I know, I was going to do a fancy Glam shot for my final 52 weeks photo but that's not me and it's not where I am at. This is more representational and isn't that what a portrait is meant to be? I have been working on a little sculpture and as you can see I really get into my work. It has always been who I am, the kid with the dirty face. About as far from glam as it gets! I am so relieved to have finished the 52 week project. It took me a bit longer and at first I couldn't edit my portraits to just one a week. But it is a cool thing to look back at--what a year.

I am ready to go forward as always Onward--but fist I will share a bit of where I have been the last few weeks...