Wednesday, July 14

As of today

The animals have been through a lot in the past few days--and this is where they are now. They still require a bit more work but I am liking the color. I plan on putting together some pictorials on the long road they have taken from strips of news paper to what they are today. But first I have to finish them. As always I question every decision I have made along the way and hope I learned from the experience. I have grown quite attached to each of them. There will be time to reflect another day--for now I better get back to work!


Snog party!

I took a bunch of shots of the kids playing while we were on Stay-cation. To me they look like various acts in a play about relationships, I named, Snog Party. From deep anger to overjoyed love, they act them all out. Please leave a caption on any photo that speaks to you. In-any-case, check them out for a laugh.

Visit The Snog Party here!