Friday, June 18

frankenstein Friday

Or, Frankenstein Friday now with extra: Bella! I am thrilled we got the results back from Bella's check up today, she is 100% healthy! I even had the Vet drain a cyst that was on her side, so she is lump free too! The only thing left to tackle is getting her used to Truman. Truman watches her from her perch and Bella is very interested. So far the baby gate is the best way for me to let Truman have a shower and get her in and out. So far so good! It is indeed a very Happy Frankenstein Friday! We will keep the name, he is always and forever my little man, ah and Bella-Bella mi amor, secondi!

A very happy weekend to all!

Thursday, June 17

Poetry of daily life

I wanted to direct your attenton to my list of Blogs. I have added: My Precious Studio to the list of blog's I like to visit. I have always loved Tere's jewelry (you can check it out at her blog and etsy shop). She is doing a series of Relic's that are both elegant and cool, really great art. Her plan is to produce a new one each week. Please join me in following her journey. I have been fascinated by religious relics for decades, teeth and bones elevated to the realm of sacred object. These pieces she is producing are relics of her world, a poetry of daily life.


Studio helpers

I cannot express enough how helpful it is having Frankenstein and Bella in the studio with me. They create such a sense of peace with their advanced napping skills. Sculpting animals with them here is like having live models. Who wouldn't want an audience who gives constant support--yay!


teeth and nails

I just added teeth and nails to the Hare. I am building up it's underside so it is truly a 3-D piece. The feet have foot pads and the belly will be fully rounded. The Monkey is coming to life a bit more each time I work on it. A lot of credit goes to Bella (our new pug) for having such a monkey face. Recently I was fretting that these are taking too long to complete. My mom who is an excellent sculptor gave me some great advice, she said: Art takes as long as it takes! So I calmed the heck down and got back to work.


Monday, June 14

meet bella

meet bella
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We have a new member of our family, meet Bella. She was living with some friends, but their home already has 4 kids and a big dog so she was one too many. She fits in here perfectly. She snores and is sweet and Loving. Frankenstein doesn't know what to make of all the weird sounds she makes, but so far all is good! It is so much fun walking them together, we are so happy she came to live with us!