Friday, October 23

Frankenstein Friday

Today is Frankenstein's birthday observed. We know he was an October puppy so I have been celebrating his birthday the first Friday after my birthday each year. It is also Mr.Eleven and I's anniversary, Observed also, because we met a few days after my birthday. Here they are my boys just waking from a mid day nap. Eleven years with Mr.Eleven and Three years with wee little Frankenstein, cheers, happy family!


Wednesday, October 21

from home to home, I am back

Going to NY for my birthday was a good idea. In fact it was the best birthday I can remember, (it gets difficult at my age)! I haven't felt so relaxed in a long time. It's funny what brings comfort; the sound of the radiator hissing, the gentle rumble of your building shaking as big trucks barrel down the street below or of perfect timing, when the train pulls up just as you reach the subway platform. Some folks seek peace with a trip to the beach, I find it in the power of hitting your stride, truckin down a city street!

I stayed with my friend Judy. Her apt. is one of my favorite place to be. The colors are warm, ceilings high, and she has lots of wonderful things all around to look at. There is Spyro her man, who makes me happy and a fine cup of coffee too. Inky the oil stain kitty, who Judy rescued from a dirty city lot. Mable the sweet cat, who is the master of cozy. But mostly there is Judy, me-loves-me some Judy!

When I lived in NY I walked dogs. I walked dogs all over the city. So each place we went, reminded me of Detour, Humbert, Beaker, Russel, Ira...(the list goes on). So one of the musts on my trip was to walk the High Line. I watched it being built as I walked dogs in the Meatpacking Distinct for years. It was an abandoned strip of elevated train track, that has been converted into an elevated park or promenade with gardens, seating and even an outdoor coffee shop. The views from the High Line are great on all sides. On one side is a panoramic view of the Hudson River and the other is a birds eye view of city streets, at one point there is bleacher seating a sort of viewing spot that overlooks a street--really fantastic!

At the end of the High Line you descend into Chelsae's Art District and lucky for me, I had a show I wanted to see there. My friend Christopher's show, 'Some Species of Song". It was such a treat to see this new body of work by my friend. The building his show was in also houses galleries on each floor, so we hit each one. We looked and were moved till we were dizzy!

I made a decision to keep my friend meetings as strictly organic. That means I didn't make plans, apart from our ladies night dinner, with Heather, Hillary and Judy (hearts to the ladies for a great night out!)to see anyone. I think this made the visit exceptionally wonderful and peaceful. The funny thing about it is I feel like I saw everyone. Even those who no longer live there. It is some sort of memory-energy connection.

The food was so good, so incredibly good! The art was good so incredibly good! Being there, breathing the air, smelling the city--it all replenished this old girl! It was the best birthday ever! Thanks again to Judy the best host and friend ever!

Above is a photo of my NY loot. A candy bar made in my old neighborhood, thanks Heather, it was delicious! The crazy-cool wallet from Joe, I love it, thanks! The Heart, from Judy, of course! The postcard for Christopher's show. Earrings I got for myself and a cute little wallet for Mr. Eleven.

You can check out my trip photos here.

I went home for my Birthday, but I also came home afterwords. I think I finally figured out that things don't have to be one or the other, sometimes both is just right. I love NY. I also love my new home, RVA.

Onward Friends!