Thursday, May 27

Monkey-Deer process

I wasn't able to get a good photo of the finished surface, it looks like Lapis, like carved and buffed Lapis Lazuli.

I am trying to make things using eco friendly products--as much as possible. This sculpture is made from a product called: Creative Paper Clay. It is made of volcanic ash, talc, water, starch, wood pulp, preservative. I love it! I made the head at the end of last year and it sat in my studio till I dreamed about the Monkey Horse a month ago. I made a quick wire armature then built up the Paperclay around it. It air dries. Wet clay will adhere to dry, it sands easily, which enables you to add or subtract as needed.

Next came color. I have been using Milk Paint for over a year now and love it. Again it has a short list of ingredients is water based and non toxic. The colors are fantastic! I painted layer after layer and sanded between. The milk paint can also be worked into the wet paperclay. To finish the surface I stained it with a wash of turp and oil paint-then rubbed it out. I was hoping to not have to use any oil, but there were a few flaws that the water based stuff just wouldn't cover. --It is just a whisper of oil paint.

So far I am finding these new tools extremely flexible and forgiving. Good things to come!


--just a quick note I am not giving up on oil paint! I love oil paint. I just wanted these to be water based and basically almost edible. The paper mache I am using on the new animal sculptures is made with whole wheat flour and salt. You can add cinnamon if the oder bothers you.

Bunny are you my friend?

I am making a bunny out of paper mache. I noticed Truman my lizard watching me work on it. Frankenstein was very curious about it also. They all took a nap together in the end. I think I may have to make Truman a paper mache Lizard friend next.


Tuesday, May 25

Monkey-Deer and my little helpers

About a month ago I had a dream with a Monkey riding a Horse in it. The next day I began work on the Monkey Horse. But soon I discovered that it wasn't a Horse but a Deer the Monkey was riding. I did find some information about Monkey and the Horse you can check out here and here. It is fun finding these connections and I get a lot of inspiration from them, but I am doing my best to not think too much. I am going on a feeling and the world that surrounds me. I think the Monkey looks and feels a lot like Frankenstein and I identify with the Deer. But again, don't think just work!

The night before last at about 4 AM Frankenstein started barking at something out the window. I got up to investigate and saw 2 deer walking across our lawn. At that hour you can't really see color, so they looked blueish gray. It felt like a sign that I am on the right track-but again, I wont think about it too much.

I wanted to share my studio view today. Truman took a leap onto the bed from her perch and is hanging out there watching me work. Frankenstein joined her, so I have my peanut gallery to cheer me on and I am doing my best to not think and just work.


Monday, May 24

the day after, relaxing

the day after, relaxing
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It rained but not too bad and I think everyone had a good time at our Sumer Kick off BBQ. Frankenstein was a popular boy, maybe a bit too popular, he was like a limp noodle by time everyone left. He must have ran and played for 6 hours straight. The next day we all lounged around the yard and enjoyed the peace. With all the fun from the previous day still dancing in our heads--


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